Historically speaking, the Trade Mark Act, 1940 was the first statutory law formed for governing the trademark in India. It was replaced by the Trade and Merchandise Marks Act, 1958. Currently, the Trade Marks Act, 1999 governs the law relating to the trademark registration in India.

A trademark is a kind of ‘intellectual property’ consisting of recognizable design, sign or expression which differentiates products/ services of a particular source from those of others. The trademark may be located on a label, package, and voucher or on the product itself.

Product trademark; Service trademark; Collective trademark and Certification trademark are the types of a trademark which can be under the Indian Trademark Law. The trademarks used to identify goods or products are called ‘Product trademark’, whereas, the trademarks used to identify the services are called ‘Service mark’/ ‘Service trademark’.

Once registered it is valid for 10 years after which it needs to be further renewed for the next 10 years. A trademark can stay perpetual as long as it is maintained and renewed on-time and as per the governing trademark laws.

If one fails to renew the trademark or stops using it, it can be abandoned and removed from the trademark registry.

The present article highlights the grounds on which the trademark can be removed from the registry along with the procedure to be followed for removal of collective trademark and relevant forms and fees thereon.

Grounds on which the trademark can be removed from the registry

There can be several grounds for removal of the trademark from the registry; however, some of them are mentioned hereunder

  1. The trademark can be removed from the registry on the grounds of no use as explained below –
    • Trademark is not registered with a bona fide interest, and is not put to use three months prior to the date of application; or
    • There is no bona fide use of the trademark from a date three months prior to the date of application up to a continuous period of five years from the date on which trademark is actually registered.
  2. The trademark can be removed from the registry in case of non-payment of the prescribed fees.

Removal of a collective trademark

A collective trademark is a trademark owned by an organization. Such a collective trademark is used by the members of the organization with a purpose to recognize themselves with a level of quality/ accuracy; geographical origin or such other characteristics as set by the organization.

The trademark removal procedure of a collective trademarks –

  • An application for removal of a collective trademark from the register has to be made in the prescribed format.
  • The application in the prescribed format is to be accompanied by a statement mentioning the nature of applicant’s interest; the facts of the case and the relief sought. 
  • In case there are registered users, the application is to be accompanied by as many copies thereof as there are registered users. 
  • If the application is filed by the person not being a registered proprietor of the trademark, then such application shall be left at the trademark registry.

Relevant Fees and Form Number

Sr. NoParticularsRelevant FeesRelevant forms
For Physical filingFor Physical filing
1Application for removal under section 47INR 3,000INR 2,700Form TM-O
2Counter statement in answer to an application under section 47INR 1,000INR 1,000Form TM-6
3On notice of intention to oppose hearing under section 47 by each party to the proceeding concernedINR 500INR 500Form TM-7
4On an application under section 47 for removal of a trademark from the register in case of a registered collective mark or a certification trade markINR 3,000INR 3,000Form TM-26
5On an application under rule 94 for leave to intervene in the proceeding under section 47 for removal of the trademark from the register in respect of collective trademark or certification trademarkINR 500INR 500Form TM-27

Rectification of Trademark

Rectification of trademark facilitates correction or rectification of error or omission in the details of the registered trademark. Any aggrieved party, being affected with the trademark entry, may file an application for rectification of trademark by following the below procedure –

  • The application for rectification can be filed with the registrar or with the IPAB (i.e. Intellectual Property Appellate Board). 
  • An applicant is required to file an application in Form TM-26 (Application for rectification of the register or the removal of the trademark from the register). 
  • Along with the application, the applicant is required to submit the case statement (i.e. statement of grounds). 
  • The applicant is also required to submit all the supporting evidence.


The cancellation/ rectification or removal of the trademark can be prevented by taking care of the following points.

  • Timely trademark renewal.
  • Non-use of the trademark for a period exceeding five years.
  • Not following any act which can destroy the distinctive characteristics of the trademark etc.