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The business ecosystem in India is boosting at a high scale. With that in mind, majority business owners are opting to start their business in India. To join the organized sector and avail benefits of ease of doing business in India, many have started opting for pvt ltd company registration in India. To start a business as a private company, however, you need to incorporate the company following the process prescribed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. For facilitating that, there is a long list of documents required for incorporation of a company. This list of documents for company registration include documents from shareholders, registered office and also the organization itself. So, in this blog, we try to cover all the documents required for company registration. Let us quickly jump to the topic so that you can start with collecting the documents required for your private limited company. You can collect these necessary documents beforehand to speed up the process.

Documents required for company registration

As a part of the company registration process, to facilitate incorporation of a company, you need to submit documents required from Shareholders and Directors, registered office address, and the organization or private company. One by one, let’s cover all the different documents for company registration. 

Documents required for incorporation of a company from Indian Nationals

For all the Indian Nationals that are aiming to become a shareholder or director under the meaning of private limited company, the following documents are required for their private limited company opening: 

Copy of Aadhaar Card

Aadhar card is the primary identity proof document for company registration. Hence, all directors and shareholders must submit their aadhar card. If you link your Aadhaar Card with your phone number, it becomes easy to generate DSC (Digital Signature Certificate). DSC is mandatory to securely sign all the important documents required for company registration while filing e-forms. 

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Passport-size photograph

As a part of the identification drill, all shareholders also need to provide their passport size photographs. The photo is also an important document required while applying for a DSC. 

Self-attested copy of PAN

PAN (Permanent Account number) is an important document for incorporation of a company. Moreover, all your other documents should match the information of your PAN. Hence, it is always advisable to update all the documents required for company registration according to the PAN Card. Other identifying documents include Aadhaar Card, Passport, Voter ID, and Driving License etc.

Identity Proof after self attestation

You can provide either of your Voter ID, Passport or Driving License in a self-attested format as proof of your identity.

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Utility bill

Apart from identification proof, you need to provide a utility bill for company incorporation. You can submit either of the following: 

  • Mobile Bill;
  • Telephone Bill;
  • Electricity Bill; or
  • Latest Bank Account Statement 

For a smooth verification process, you need to ensure that the details in the document you provide for a private limited company matches the details of your PAN. Also note that the utility bill documents must not be older than 2 months. 

Documents required for Private Limited Company by foreign nationals

Company Registration in India by foreign nationals is also permitted by the MCA and governing laws. However, all foreign nationals who are desirous of becoming a member in an Indian company need to submit the following documents for incorporation of company:


It is mandatory for foreign nationals to provide their passport as nationality proof. Moreover, it has to be in English. In case your passport is in a foreign language, you must translate it in an English version before you can submit the same.

Passport Size Photograph

This is also a mandatory part of the company registration process. The passport photo must be a clear copy. 

Address Proof

As a foreign national you can submit any of the following documents as an address proof for company registration: 

  • Driving license;
  • Residence Car;
  • Bank statement with latest two pages of transactions; or
  • Utility bill not less than two months old. 

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Documents Required for Private Limited Company: Registered Office

Apart from proving the identity of the members of a company, you will also need to submit the documents, such as address proof for the registered office of the company. 

Address Proof for registered office

You can submit either of the Electricity Bill/ Telephone Bill/ Water Bill/ Gas Bill of the registered office as business address proof. The bill should not be older than 2 months at the time of submission for creating the Certificate of Incorporation (COI).

Documents for rented business property

In case you are running the business from a rented property, you need to submit the rent agreement and No objection Certificate from the owner of the property. 

Company incorporation documents for owned property

If you are the owner of a property that you will use for business you will have to submit the NOC, because the company will be a separate legal entity. 

Constitution Documents For Company Registration

Apart from the office and directors documents required for incorporation of company, the proposed private limited company also needs to submit its MOA and AOA. These are charter documents and may seem to be the same at a glance. However, the difference between MOA and AOA in company law are vital for business operations. Let’s take a brief look at the purpose both of these documents serve for company registration. 

Memorandum of Association

The importance of MOA cannot be overrated. The memorandum of association of a company contains all its details such as the name, capital, office address, etc. Any act of the company owners beyond the ambit of the MOA can lead to a lawsuit against the shareholder or director. 

Articles of Association

AOA in company law is also as important as its MOA. This document for company registration covers all the rules and regulations for the internal governance of the company. From the roles and responsibilities of the shareholders, it also covers the provisions for winding up of a company. 


The list given above is comprehensive and covers all the documents required for incorporation of company. You must keep in mind that these documents should match with the PAN card of every individual to carry out a hassle-free incorporation process. Moreover, it is ideal to hire experts like that can help you in collecting and submitting documents with nominal fees for private limited company registration

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