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SPICe+or SPICe Plus is an integrated web form that’s been launched by the Government of India.  This form has consolidated the different forms and steps required for the incorporation of a company into a single window. This form is a part of India’s Ease of Doing Business (EODB) initiative. With the introduction of the SPICe+ form, India has seen tremendous improvement in their ease of doing business ranking; It has allowed many entrepreneurs to enjoy seamless company registration. 

Let’s understand this form in detail.

Table of Contents

  • SPICe vs SPICe+
  • Process of filing the form
  • Documents required for Spice+ part B
  • Additional forms
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • SPICe vs SPICe+

    The SPICe+ form is an improvement on the pre-existing SPICe form. The SPICe form was an e-form for incorporation of company, whereas the SPICe Plus form is a integrated web form that can be utilised for multiple services.

    Services available in the SPICe Form

    The SPICe form provided the following services:

    1. Name reservation for a company
    2. Incorporation of a new company
    3. Applying for Director Identification Number (DIN)

    Services available in the SPICe+ form

    The form is divided into two parts:

    • SPICe+ Part A: This part of the form is for applying for Name Reservation for a company
    • SPICe+ Part B: You can access about 11 company incorporation-related services. You can apply for all of these services on a simultaneous basis.

    You need to fill out Spice+ Part A first, only on completion of that, Part B of the form becomes accessible.

    Part A of the form:

    1. Name reservation of a new company

    Part B of the form:

    1. Apply for incorporation of a new company
    2. Applying for a Director Identification Number (DIN)
    3. Applying for issue of PAN for a company (Mandatory)
    4. Applying for issue of TAN for a company (Mandatory)
    5. Applying for issue of EPFO registration for a company (Mandatory)
    6. Applying for issue of ESIC registration for a company (Mandatory)
    7. Applying for issue of Professional Tax registration for companies incorporated in Maharashtra, Karnataka and West Bengal (Mandatory)
    8. Opening of Bank Account for the Company (Mandatory)
    9. Applying for allotment of GSTIN for a company that has already applied for company incorporation.
    10. For first-time registration of shops and establishment for all new companies that are to be incorporated in Delhi.

    Process of filing the form

    The SPICe+ form has to be filled in two different parts:

    Steps for Part A of the form

    1. Firstly, you have to login on the MCA website and click on “MCA Services”.
    1. After that, choose “SPICe+” from the options.
    1. This should take you to a new page. There click on the “New Application” option.
    1. Finally, duly fill out the form, auto-check it, and click on submit. On submitting this, Part B of the form will become accessible.

    Steps for Part B of the form

    1. Firstly, you need to fill in the following information:
      • The address of the correspondence or registered office of the company
      • The names of the company’s proposed directors (having or not having DIN) & subscribers
      • The Capital of the company
      • DIR 2 signed by the directors
      • Stamp Duty as per the state mentioned within the MoA (Memorandum of Association) & AoA (Articles of Association)
      • Any additional information for PAN and TAN registrations will be specified in the form.
    1. Secondly, users need to do a ‘pre-scrutiny’ check after filling in the necessary information. If it’s successful, the next step is to click on submit. A confirmation will show on the screen on successful submission.
    2. Thirdly, after successful submission, you have to download the Part B form as a PDF for the purpose of affixing a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and attaching any other relevant and required forms.
    3. After that, upload the form on the ‘upload e-forms’ page on the MCA portal. One needs to log in to the MCA website to access this service. You can upload up to 10 documents on the portal at once.
    4. After uploading and submitting the forms for company incorporation SRN is generated.
    5. Finally, you need to make payment for successful submission.

    Pro Tip: Keep your file sizes as small as possible as the maximum upload size for Part B of the form is 6mb.

    Documents Required for SPICe+ Part B

    Part B of the form needs the following attachments:

    • For the address of correspondence/registered office: Any utility bill from within the last two months and a NOC from the owner of the premise. 
    • For directors and to-be shareholders: Self-attested copies of their PAN cards, Identity proof (Aadhar card, Driving License etc) and Residential proof.

    Additional forms

    Here are some additional forms that you will have to submit with the form:

    • AGILE-PRO: Also known as “Application for Goods and services identification number, employees’ state Insurance corporation registration plus Employees’ provident fund organisation registration”, as the name states, this form lets you apply for:
      • Goods and services identification number
      • Employees’ state Insurance corporation registration
      • Employees’ provident fund organisation registration
    • SPICe+ MOA: An online form that lets you file the MoA of a company while applying for company incorporation.
    • SPICe+ AOA: An online form that lets you file the AoA of a company while applying for company incorporation. 
    • URC-1: Form for registering as a Part I company.
    • INC-9: An online form declaration form for subscribers and directors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    All registered MCA users can fill out the SPICe+ form for company incorporation and related services. For successful submission of the form, the signature of Professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, and Cost Accountants are needed.

    SPICe+ form is a new and updated version of the SPICe form. It is an integrated web form that lets you access multiple company incorporation-related services from a single window.

    You can edit your SPICe+ form (even after generating pdf and affixing DSCs) up to 5 times. Moreover, you can find the existing web form on the “SPICe+” page on MCA website to make changes.

    On approval of Part A of the form, the user can go ahead and fill Part B of the form. However keep in mind that Part B of the form can only be submitted after Part A of the form is approved.

    SPICe+ form rejection or cancellation may be for the following reasons:

    1. Firstly, if the name applied for is in violation of the Trademarks Act.
    2. Secondly, if the necessary documents are improperly attached.
    3. Thirdly, if the necessary documents aren’t verified appropriately.
    4. Finally, if the documents are not valid, or if the information provided in the forms is invalid.

    You will receive a refund if your form is rejected.

    SPICe+ form allows for 2 resubmissions. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that Part A of the form can only be resubmitted once.

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