How to Create Startup India Login?

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The Startup India Portal was created to facilitate the online filing of DPIIT recognition and give easy access to the inclusions of the Startup India Scheme. When any entity that falls under the startup India registration eligibility, decides to be a part of the startup ecosystem of India, the first step is to login to startup India portal. This blog focuses on explaining the process of creating a startup India login ID, which enables startups to get DPIIT recognition and access to ancillary benefits/schemes. 

STEP 1: Visit the Portal

Visit the Startup India Portal.

STEP 2: Register

Once the website homepage loads successfully, click on “Register” at the upper right corner of the page.

create startup India login: step 2

STEP 3: Enter your Details

Once you click on Register, you will be able to see the ‘Create an Account’ page. This is the most important step of creating start up India login. 

create startup India login: step 3

All you need to do is enter relevant details; 

  • Your name; 
  • E-mail ID; 
  • Mobile Number; and 
  • Set a password 

Note: the password you choose for your startup India registration login must include the following: 

  1. 8 to 15 characters; 
  2. one uppercase letter; 
  3. one lowercase letter;
  4. One numeric digit; and 
  5. One special character.  

Then click on “Register”.

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STEP 4: Enter the OTP

This is the final step in creating a start up India login. Once you click on the register button, the window will reach its verification stage. To create a startup India login, you need to verify using the One Time Password (OTP) shared on  the e-mail ID provided by you.

Create startup India login: step 4

STEP 5: Submit

Once you enter the OTP and click on “Submit”. Your will be redirected to the below screen.

Create startup India login: Step 5

This means that the process of creating your start up India account is complete. You can enter to your startup account by clicking on ‘Login Here’. 

STEP 6: Login

Create Startup login: step 6

Now, all you need to do is enter the start up India login details and press enter. 

Aftermath of startup India login: Set Up Your Profile! 

After you successfully enter the startup login details, when you enter the portal for the first time, you will need to enter certain profile details, which will make accessing the portal easier for you.

startup India login: setup profile

Enter Relevant Details

Startup India Login: complete submission

You need to enter accurate details relating to your entity, in order to complete the DPIIT login process with complete profile specifications. 

What Next?

After you set your startup profile, you can access all the details available on startup India hub. Further, you can even get your DPIIT recognition, for Tax Exemption under Income Tax Act, to explore different startup programs, to explore other schemes and benefits of startup India scheme, and so on. To get a better idea on the process, do read our blog on Startup India Registration Process under DPIIT.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, creating the startup India login only allows you to login to the entire startup Hub of India. To get DPIIT recognition, you need to follow the process of startup India recognition after you have successfully created your startup India login. 

An individual cannot register as a startup under the startup India scheme. The reason behind this is that as only registered legal entities can apply for the recognition as a startup, these include registered Partnership Firms, Private Limited Companies, and Limited Liability Partnership Firms. 

To check your application status, you need to follow the steps and apply for DPIIT recognition. Then, using your startup India login ID, click on the dashboard, and view status.

There is no government fee related to startup India Registration. However, when considering expert advice that may come in handy with getting your DPIIT recognition, provides startup India recognition services at INR 11800/- 

To be able to login to startup India website, you need to create an account by providing your basic information such as name, e-mail ID, and phone number. Once you successfully create your account, you can easily login.

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