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For all organizations in India with more than 20 employees, it is mandatory to enroll with the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). Considering the employees’ welfare, these days organizations with less than 20 employees are also undergoing the EPF registration process. As a part of this process, the employers need to register the organization, with employee details and also generate the Universal Account Numbers (UAN). To carry this on, the employers need to submit certain documents required for PF registration to the EPFO portal. Apart from that, they also need to submit the pf registration fees. So, in this blog we focus on the documents required for pf registration for employer, employee and the epfo registration fees for employer. 

Who needs to enroll in EPFO?

All employers with more than 20 employees in their organization need to enroll with the EPFO. With that said, it is also open to voluntary enrollment by self-employed individuals or organizations with less than 10 employees. Besides, while considering employees, mandatory pf is applicable for all the employees with a monthly salary up to Rs. 15000/-. For more information, you can read: All about PF Applicability

What are the Documents Required for PF registration under the EPFO?

There are different documents required for pf registration for employer and employees. Moreover, it also depends on the type of business structure or organization opting for the EPFO. Let’s take a look at the different required documents for epf registration. 

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Documents required for EPFO Registration for Employers

Certain required documents are common for all kinds of companies in India. However, there are certain industry or business structure specific documents required for epfo registration too. In this segment, we cover all these different requirements. 

Common Organisation Details

The most basic requirement for employers is to provide the 

  • Name of company or organization;
  • Date of Business Commencement;
  • Scanned version of all licenses (GST, Shop and Establishment, IEC, etc);
  • Address Proof through Utility Bills;
  • Address Proof of the Owner of the Business;
  • Number of employees employed since commencement; and
  • Copy of first sale bill/purchase bill. 

These are the basic requirements for employers to start PF contributions. Wondering how PF contributions are calculated? Read : How to calculate PF contributions

Specific Documents for Companies

For any company, in addition to the above common documents, the employers must also submit: 

  • Digital Signature Certificate of Shareholders;
  • Company PAN;
  • Bank Statement or Canceled Cheque of Company Account;
  • List of Directors; and
  • Email, Phone Number, and other basic details of shareholders. 

Specific Documents for LLPs

For an Limited Liability Partnership, the following additional documents are required for pf registration: 

  • Digital Signature Certificate of Designated Partners;
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) of LLP;
  • Bank Statement or Canceled Cheque of LLP account;
  • List of all Partners;
  • Copy of LLP Agreement; and
  • Email, Phone, and other basic details of partners.

Documents Required for PF registration for Sole Proprietorship Firm

When you have an informal business structure like a sole proprietorship firm, you don’t get the benefit of separate legal existence of company. Hence, the documents required for epf registration also changes a bit. Let’s see what you need to submit as a sole proprietorship owner: 

  • No Digital Signature Required;
  • PAN of the Proprietor/Owner;
  • Address proof of business (sale or lease deed); and
  • Residential Address of the owner.

Documents required for EPFO for Employees

As a part of the process, the employers will have to generate the UAN for its employees. In furtherance of that, the employers need to give a list of all current employees of the organization. That list must contain the following information from the employees: 

  • Employee Name;
  • Name of Father/Guardian;
  • Nominee;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Date of Joining;
  • Contact Number;
  • Postal Address;
  • Designation and Grade;
  • Email ID;
  • Salary; and 
  • ID Proof (Aadhar, PAN, Passport, etc)

What is the PF Registration Fees in India?

Not only is registration mandatory for employee welfare, it also comes with a lot of benefits of PF that protect and secure the future of all the employees covered therein. It is a fund the employees can use in emergency or when they reach the age of superannuation. Hence, the government considering this usually does not charge any fees for the epf registration in India. However, this is subject to change with the passing of time. If you hire an expert like for this enrollment, you can get it done with nominal PF registration fees. 

Apart from the government fees, however, there might be some administrative EPF registration fees for the organizations. However, these admin charges vary on the basis of many different factors such as type of organization, employee details, and contribution rates, etc. 


To conclude, the pf registration fees and  documents required for epf for employers and employees, vary on the type of organization and number of employees etc. Hence, it is very important to connect with experts that can help you with the entire enrollment and registration process. is one such online services provider that will take care of your EPF registration fees and requirements with nominal charges. So, contact us today!

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