Documents Required for One Person Company Registration

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A One Person Company, commonly referred as OPC, is a type of Private Limited Company only. This latest concept has been introduced to ease the entrance of sole promoter into the corporate world. The provisions for One Person Company registration in India require only one Subscriber to Memorandum of Association (MoA) i.e. the shareholder in the company and one Director. However, there is an additional requirement of appointment of the Nominee, who will become an owner on death or incapacity to contract of the existing member.

For the purpose of quick registration and incorporation of a One Person Company, it is wise to provide unique name for the proposed OPC and complete documentation to the professional engaged into incorporation of your One Person Company.

To know how to choose the name for the proposed company, please read our blog at Mark Business Identity Wisely – Choosing the name of company. Here, we are discussing the documentation requirements for the registration of One Person Company in India.

Make the registration procedure simpler and hassle-free by providing following documents to your professional!

 The requisite documents can be provided in respect of following heads:

  1. With respect to individual
  2. With respect to Registered Office

With respect to Individual:

The individuals engaged for incorporation of OPC are Subscriber, Director and Nominee. The subscriber and nominee shall be individual being resident in India. Further, at least one director shall be resident. Therefore, where there is only one director appointed, the same shall be resident only. Any of the individual shall provide below listed documents:

  • PAN card (self-attested by individual):

The self-attested copy of the PAN Card is mandatory document to be provided in incorporation procedure of the company registration. The name appearing on the PAN Card will only be taken on records of MCA, hence it is necessary to keep the PAN Card up-to-date (in case of any change of name or marriage) at the time of submitting the documents. Where any error is found in the PAN Card details, the procedure may get delayed up to the time of resolution of same.

  • Voter’s ID/ Passport/ Driver’s License: (Self-attested by individual):

For the purpose of address proof, any of the above mentioned documents can be provided. However, the details in the document provided shall be similar to the details in PAN Card. In case of any discrepancy, one shall rectify the same. The documents like Election Card, Ration card, Adhaar Card etc. can also be provided here as proof.

  • Scanned copy of Latest Bank Statement/Telephone or Mobile Bill/Electricity or Gas Bill: (Self-attested by individual):

The bills which are to be attached as resident proof and should be latest or recent which can be 2 months old and not more than that so as to get accepted. It should contain the name of the individual as stated under the PAN Card.

  • Scanned copy of passport-sized photograph

 With respect to Registered Office:

The address to be provided as the Registered Office for the proposed One Person Company shall be as per the address proof provided in that respect. The same address mentioned in the address proof shall be same to be provided in the application of incorporation.

Below mentioned are the documents to be provided for the purpose of address proof for registered office:

  • The document stating the full address of the property company, where company will be registered, such as Electricity Bill/Property Tax Bill/ Telephone Bill etc.
  • NOC, in case of Rented Property: The no objection certificate along with the valid Rent Agreement by the owners of the Property.

Further, any other documents can be demanded by the Registrar as and when required as per the facts and situations related with the One Person Company Registration in India. The documents shall be provided in clear scan copy, in order to avoid any difficulty for incorporation.

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