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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a registered office be a residential property?

There are no restrictions for a registered office to be a commercial property. The office can be in a residential or a commercial property.


What records must be maintained at the registered office?

All books of accounts must be kept at the registered office of the company. But if they are kept at any other place in India as decided by the Board of Directors, the company must send a notice in writing to the Registrar of that place, mentioning the full address of the place where the books of accounts are kept.

What is the procedure for changing the registered office?

To change the registered office a resolution has to be passed and then it has to be filed with ministry of corporate affairs and on approval the registered office is changed.

Can a registered office be outside India?

A registered office can not be outside India. 

When should the ROC be informed about the change in registered office?

ROC must be notified of the change in Registered Office by filing the appropriate documents within 30 days of change of Registered Office premises.

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