How to download and print IEC certificate?

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There goes a lot of effort, time, and energy to conduct trade outside India. Today, the import-export market is thriving! The entire market was worth around 417 billion USD in the year 2021-22. Running a business in such an industry keeps you on your toes with compliance and governmental registrations/licenses. IEC or the importer-exporter code is one such registration. Having an IEC certificate allows individuals and businesses to import or export goods outside of India. It is a unique 10-digit number allotted to all entities involved in the import-export business in India.  Earlier, obtaining an IEC certificate was an offline process. However, now you can apply for iec code online the DGFT Portal by confirming the details with the PAN of the entity. This article focuses on the steps to download IEC certificate online from DGFT Portal. 

How to download and print IEC online? 

According to the new rules, you need to apply for an IEC code through the DGFT portal to obtain your IEC certificate. The registration process is complete when you submit the form and submit the documents required for iec code application. Then, you can download iec certificate by logging into the DGFT portal and following the below-mentioned steps: 

Step 1: DGFT portal

Visit the DGFT portal. Navigate to the ‘Services’ tab and click on ‘IEC portfolio management’. This will lead you to a page that has all the information you need about the IEC code registration and IEC update. Here, you can apply for iec code online and also file for IEC code renewal. 

print iec - 1

Step 2: Print IEC

From the many options available in the ‘IEC portfolio management’ for IEC Certificate download, scroll down and select ‘Print IEC’ from the tabs. 

step 2: print iec certificate

Step 3: Log-in for the IEC certificate download

Once you select the ‘Print IEC’ option, to complete iec certificate download, you will have to login to the DGFT portal using your login ID credentials and the CAPTCHA code. 

Step 3: download iec certificate

If you do not have an account on the DGFT portal already, you will need to register by giving your details as per the PAN of the entity or individual. To complete the process of IEC certificate download, you will also have to link your existing offline IEC Certificate to your new user profile on the DGFT portal. 

step 3.2: iec certificate download

Step 4: Verify details to download the IEC certificate

Once you successfully log in/register and link your IEC code to your user profile, you need to verify the details in IEC according to your PAN Card. To do so, you need to fill in the following details: 

  • PAN Number; 
  • Name as per the PAN;
  • Date of Birth/Incorporation (as applicable);
  • Latest file number (excluding slash); and
  • Latest date of filing (file date). 
step 4: how to download iec certificate

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Step 5: OTP Verification for IEC certificate download

Once you click on submit and verify the details to print IEC, you will be navigated to a page for OTP verification. This verification will be based on the phone number and/or email ID based on the PAN. 

step 5: print iec online

Step 6: Download IEC Certificate

The last step in the process of the IEC certificate download is to click on the ‘Print IEC’ tab after checking the accuracy of the details of the certificate. When you click on print iec, you can complete the IEC certificate download in PDF format and save it on your device. You can then print iec certificate hard copy for various submissions. 

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When is the IEC code required? 

Having a valid IEC certificate is mandatory to conduct an import-export business in India. The following are circumstances where you need to submit an IEC certificate: 

  • At the customs to import goods in India; 
  • At the customs to export goods in India; 
  • At the banks to receive international trade-related payments; 
  • At the banks to send money to a foreign bank. 

We can see that you will need an IEC certificate at each important step of the international trade of goods. With that said, from 2021, it is mandatory to renew the iec certificate yearly. This helps the DGFT in keeping an updated database. 


By looking at the fast-paced development, it is pretty understandable why international trade is at its peak. This is the best time for all importers and exporters to focus on growing. This can be done if you are compliant with all the laws. Follow these easy steps to complete the iec certificate download and print IEC today! 

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