How to Download UAN Card?

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Since its introduction in 2014 by the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), UAN has made pf accounts much more accessible to the epfo members at large. The full form of UAN is Universal Account Number and it helps in maintaining a single pf account of employees over the course of their changing employment. Hence, it avoids the creation of multiple pf accounts for a single individual. Moreover, it is only after the UAN activation that employees can check their pf balance online. In association with the UAN is the UAN card. In this blog, we discuss what the uan card is, what it consists of and how you can download UAN card online from the EPFO portal. Additionally, there’s also an option to print UAN card, to keep a physical copy at hand. So, let’s dive in!

What is UAN Card?

UAN Card is the card containing the Universal Account Number and other details of an employee. It is an identifying tool. Moreover, it allows easy access to the UAN details and, in turn, pf details to the employees enrolled in the EPFO scheme. The UAN is generated by the EPFO through the first employer usually. So, the UAN card comes handy when an employee changes the place of work. With that said, it can also be considered an integral part of the online pf registration process

As an employee, after you download UAN card, you can just furnish it to your new employer. This will allow them to link your member IDs for the previous and current place of employment, maintaining uniformity. Now that we have covered what UAN card means, let’s see how to download UAN card and print it.

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How to download UAN Card ONline?

You can download the UAN card online by accessing the EPFO member portal. Here’s a step- by-step breakdown on how you can download UAN card: 

Step 1: Visit the portal

step 1 download uan card

To get UAN card, the first step is to visit the portal by clicking here. Then, use your UAN and password to login to the member portal. However, for that, you’ll have to create EPFO member login ID and activate UAN. 

Step 2: Click on UAN Card

how to download uan card

Once you have logged in, from the ‘View’ tab, select ‘UAN Card’. You’ll be redirected to a screen where you can see your UAN card preview. 

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Step 3: Download and Print UAN card

download and print uan card pdf

The preview will give you two options:

  • Download UAN card in PDF version; and 
  • Print UAN card (physical copy)

You can choose one and either print UAN card to keep its hard copy with you all the time, like a PAN card. OR, you can download UAN card pdf and keep a soft copy version in your electronic device. The UAN card will allow you to easily access the varied benefits of pf

Contents of Member UAN Card

By now, it’s evident that uan card is important for the employees that are covered under the scope of pf applicability. However, it’s the contents of the UAN card that make it so important. The information that it carries, makes the accessibility of pf accounts much better for the employees. Let’s see what UAN card consists of:

  • Name of the Employee;
  • Universal Account Number (UAN);
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) verification update;
  • QR Code; and 
  • Date Stamp

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The information contained in the UAN card makes it even more important to download and print your UAN card. This makes all the services of EPFO portal accessible for the members. So, if you need any help with getting your UAN card, feel free to contact

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