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Chennai is the Capital of Tamil Nadu and is the heart of the manufacturing industry in India. In fact, it has the highest number of factories in all of India–Over 37,000! With an extensive rail and road network as well as a water network, it not only is famous for its connectivity with the rest of India, but it’s also a great export location. Going for a new LLP registration in the city of Chennai is a great choice, especially for those who are in the automobile, textile, pharma, or leather industry as Chennai is the hub for those sectors. Chennai is one of the major cities in the South of India with a heavy influx of business from all around. An LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) is a hybrid business structure that gives you the flexibility of partnership firms with the advantages of a company.

Advantages of LLP company registration in Chennai

  • Limited Liability Partnerships have a separate legal identity like companies. Because of this, the partners are not personally liable for the LLP’s actions. The liability of each partner is limited beforehand based on their contribution to the LLP.
  • Limited Liability Partnerships have very few compliance requirements. Because of this LLP compliance is quite inexpensive.
  • LLPs do not have any minimum capital contribution. However, every Limited Liability Partnership partner does have to bring something to the table, be it capital contribution or skills. 
  • The LLP registration fees in Chennai as well as the annual compliance fees are lower than PLC registration.

Basic Requirements for New LLP Registration in Chennai

  • Every Limited Liability Partnership requires a minimum of 2 partners for incorporation
  • Partners also have to apply for DIN (Director identification number) or DPIN (designated partnership identification number)
  • Limited Liability Partnerships have no minimum capital requirement. However, every partner must contribute something to the LLP, be it monetary or non-monetary.
  • At least one of the Partners needs to be Indian and residing in India.

Important Documents for New LLP Registration in Chennai

For Limited Liability Partnership registration you will have to provide the  following documents:

Documents needed for to-be partners:

  1. Copies of the to-be partners’ PAN Cards
  2. DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) of at least two partners
  3. Identity proof of copies of the to-be partners (Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving License, etc)
  4. Copies of the to-be partners’ Address Proof (Electricity bill, water bill or any other utility bill)

Documents for the registered office:

  1. Proof of address for the Registered Office (Utility Bills)
  2. NOC (No Object Certificate) from the owner of the property if the registered office is on rent
  3. A copy of the Rental Agreement if the registered office is on rent

LLP registration procedure in Chennai Online

  1. The first step of the LLP registration procedure in Chennai is to apply for DIN or DPIN. At Least two partners need to apply for DIN. This is because you need a minimum of two directors for LLP registration.
  2. The second step is to apply for DSC. Once again at least two Partners need to apply for this for LLP registration. 
  3. After this, you have to apply for a name reservation for an LLP. You can do this utilising ‘RUN’ service available on the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) website. 
  4. After all of that, you can apply for Limited Liability Partnership incorporation via eform ‘FiLLiP’ available on the MCA website. In Form 2 you need to state the details of your partners, and the registrar’s office. Upon completion of the process, you receive your incorporation certificate. 
  5. Finally, you need to draft and submit your Limited Liability Partnership agreement within 30 days of incorporation. 

Where to file for new LLP registration in Chennai?

All LLP company registration in Chennai has to be made to the ROC (Registrar of Companies) in Chennai. The same is located in Block No.6,B Wing 2nd Floor, Shastri Bhawan 26, Haddows Road, Chennai – 600034. 

You can also file for LLP registration from the comfort of your home. By using the services of legal service providers like you can file for a new LLP registration straight from your home without having to get into the hassle of paperwork. 

LLP registration fees in Chennai

Business Package Starting from INR 8,699

  • All expenses & Government fee
  • 2 Class III Digital Signatures (DSC )
  • Name Application under RUN LLP
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • PAN Number & TAN Number
  • LLP Identification Number
  • 2 Director Identification Numbers (DIN)
  • DSC & DIN for additional partners at extra cost
  • LLP Deed Drafting along with franking

Executive Package Starting from INR 10,999

  • All inclusions of the Business Package
  • One additional Name Application under RUN LLP
  • GST Registration Application
  • MSME Registration
  • Draft of Bank Account Opening Resolution
  • Draft of Employment contract & NDA
  • Draft of Employment & Appointment Letter
  • Draft of Website Policy
  • Draft of Disclaimer Policy

Premium Package Starting from INR 29,999

  • All Inclusions from the Executive Package
  • All expenses and Government fee
  • DSC & DIN additional partners at extra cost
  • Accounting upto 250 entries in the entire FY
  • Annual Compliance filing with MCA for a year
  • All ITR filing for the first year
  • GST return (up to 100 invoices per month) for 12 months
  • DIR-3 KYC for 2 DIN holders

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In conclusion, opting for LLP registration in Chennai is a strategic choice, particularly for businesses in thriving sectors such as automobile, textile, pharma, or leather. Chennai’s robust infrastructure and connectivity make it an ideal location for trade and exports. Limited Liability Partnerships offer the advantage of limited liability for partners and minimal compliance requirements, making them a favourable choice for entrepreneurs. The registration process, although involving several steps, can be streamlined with the assistance of professional service providers like With various packages available, LLP registration is not only accessible but also an investment in the future of your business. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or new to the business world, Chennai provides an excellent environment for your LLP to flourish.

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