Trademark Class 38: Telecommunications and Broadcasting

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Trademark Class 38 includes all sorts of telecommunication and broadcasting services. All services that allow at least one person to communicate with another by sensory means are included in this class. This includes television broadcasts, cellular and telephonic services, internet chatrooms, Internet access providers, podcasting, instant messaging services, radio, online blogs, fibre-network optics, streaming services, etc.

Trademark Class 38 includes services that

  1. Allow one person to talk to another (mobile telephone services)
  2. Transmit messages from one person to another (Instant messages, chatrooms, email)
  3. Place a person in oral or visual communication with another (radio, television, podcasting, streaming)

Important services included in Trademark class 38

  • Email services
  • Telegraph
  • Online messaging services
  • Internet service providers
  • Streaming audio and video material on the Internet
  • Broadcast transmission by satellite
  • Communication by computer
  • Communication by fibre optic networks
  • Computer terminals
  • Consultancy services relating to communications
  • Mobile communication services
  • Music broadcasting
  • News agency
  • Photo uploading services
  • Peer-to-peer communication
  • Providing access to computer networks
  • Provision of online
  • Communications equipment forums
  • Rental of modems
  • Telephone rental
  • SMS services
  • Video conferencing services
  • Wireless broadcasting

TM Class 38 list does not include

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  • Jio: Wireless broadband communication services
  • Airtel: Cellular telephone communications,
  • BSNL: Internet telephony service
  • Spotify: Music and media streaming over the internet
  • Netflix: Video-on-demand transmission service
  • Star Plus: Television broadcasting services
  • Jio Fiber: Fibre-network telecommunication
  • Radio Mirchi: Radio broadcasting
  • ANI: News agency service

List of services classified under Trademark Class 38

All the services included in Trademark Class 38 are listed below:

Class Term

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