Trademark Class 42: Technology, Research and Software Services

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Trademark Class 42 mainly includes services related to technology and research. Services such as software services, software as a service [SaaS], industrial analysis, development of computer hardware or software, etc are included in this class. All the services provided by chemists, physicists, engineers, computer programmers, etc are included in class 42. This blog discusses in detail the kind of services included in trademark class 42. Visit to trademark your SaaS brand online!

Important services included in Trademark class 42

Class 42 includes services provided by an individual or a group of individuals that is related to the theoretical and practical aspects of complex fields of activities. Some examples of such services are given below:

  • Evaluation, estimation, research and reporting services in scientific and technological fields
    • This includes the services of engineers, computer programmers, etc.
  • Scientific research services for medical purposes
    • Such as the services of chemists, physicists, scientists, etc.
  • Designing services of all kinds
    • Designing jewellery, kitchen, furniture, footwear, tools, toys etc.

Some other important services included in class 42 are:

  • All kinds of IT services
  • Software as a service [SaaS]
  • Aerial surveying services
  • Agricultural research
  • Animation and special-effects design for others
  • Authenticating coins, banknotes, antiques, etc.
  • Authentication services
  • Automotive design
  • Automotive inspections
  • Business card design
  • Calibration services
  • Certification of diamonds
  • Certification of data via blockchain
  • Civil engineering
  • Computer rental
  • computer virus protection services
  • Data mining
  • Data encryption services
  • Interior design and decor services
  • IT security services
  • Environmental testing
  • Weather forecasting
  • Industrial testing
  • Mapping services
  • Medical laboratories
  • Product design
  • Providing search engines for the internet
  • Quality control and testing
  • Surveying services
  • Scientific laboratory services
  • Technical writing and designing
  • Truck weighing services
  • Urban planning

TM Class 42 list does not include

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  • McAfee Livesafe: Software as a service (SAAS) for digital security
  • Zoho: Software as service and other allied services
  • Salesforce: customer relationship management software
  • Github: Online community for the collaborative development of software

List of services classified under Trademark Class 42

All the services included in Trademark Class 42 are listed below:

Class Term

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