Trademark Class 42: Decoding Trademark Class For IT Services

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Out of all 45 classifications for trademarks, the last ten classes are for the service industry. It covers all different types of service providers, ranging from the trademark class for IT services to legal services. In this blog, we focus on covering the nitty gritties of trademark class 42 as it is the appropriate technology trademark class and IT services trademark class. When you want to register a trademark online in India, the trademark class 42 covers all services related to technology and research. So software services, software as a service [SaaS], industrial analysis, development of computer hardware or software, etc are included in this class. So let’s get into the details! 

What is trademark class 42?

International NICE Classification of trademarks is divided in 45 different classes. Hence, this helps in governing the various categories of goods and services with respect to how to register a trademark in India. So, amongst the classes, the most appropriate trademark class for technology and IT Services trademark class is the trademark class 42. Besides, this class also includes research, analysis, design services in relation to the technological development and IT services. 

Inclusions of the trademark class for IT Services

Trademark Class 42 includes services provided by an individual or a group of individuals that is related to the theoretical and practical aspects of complex fields of activities. Hence, some examples of such services are given below:

Software as a Service (SaaS)

This is a popular mode of providing services today. Besides, the IT Services trademark class 42 includes all types of SaaS to avoid trademark infringement in the field of technology and science. 

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

When service providers curate and provide a platform for others to create, manage and run their own applications, it is known as PaaS. Hence, Google Cloud, AWS, etc are all examples of this and fall in the technology trademark class. 

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Software development services

All IT services related to designing, maintaining and creating software fall under trademark class 42. 

Website development and designing 

All Web development service providers also fall into the same category with the technology trademark class. Especially considering that it is also an IT service. 

Computer programming and analysis

The services of writing source codes for computers and analyzing them, etc are also included in the IT Services. 

Computer consultancy

Providing advice, guidance, and assistance on computer related problems is also a part of the technology trademark class. 

Technology trademark class does not include

On the basis of the different technological or IT services that one may be providing, chances are that multiple trademark classes will be applicable. Hence, for that, you can even file a multi class trademark application

  • McAfee Livesafe: Software as a service (SAAS) for digital security
  • Zoho: Software as service and other allied services
  • Salesforce: customer relationship management software
  • Github: Online community for the collaborative development of software

List of services classified under trademark class for IT services

All the services included in Trademark Class 42 are listed below:

Class Term

Trademark class 42 covers all different IT and technological advancement services. However, the technology is developing in many different sectors and as a result, this class can be in co-relation with the following trademark classes:

  • Trademark class 9 for manufacturing of technological devices;
  • Trademark Class 45 for legal;
  • Class 35 for management and consultancy services; and 
  • Class 41 for education and entertainment service providers. 

You can use the trademark class search tool to understand the trademark classification appropriate for you. 


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