Decoding the Medical Equipment Trademark Class 10 

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In the world of brand protection, the international classification of goods and services under the NICE classification of WIPO holds a lot of importance. It allows us to differentiate between the goods and services provided through various business owners. Moreover, it also makes it very easy to get trademark registration in India for both, service providers and manufacturers. For example, in the healthcare industry, the medical equipment trademark class is the trademark class 10. Whereas, for service providers of hospitals, class 44 is applicable. Moreover, this trademark class for medical device also includes artificial limbs, eys, etc. We will get a better idea in this blog, once we understand what is trademark class 10. 

What is trademark class 10? 

Broadly speaking, trademark class 10 is for the classification of goods to be registered as a trademark in India. Once business owners know how to register brand name in India, they will understand what the class 10 of trademark is and how it holds significance in the entire brand protection process. 

Trademark Class 10  is the “medical equipment trademark class. Hence, it includes Surgical, medical, dental, and veterinary apparatus and instruments. Moreover, Class 10 for medical equipment also includes artificial limbs, eyes, and teeth; orthopedic articles; and suture materials.

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Important goods included in the medical equipment trademark class

A lot of different medical device are included in trademark class 10, such as: 

  • Surgical, medical, dental, and veterinary apparatus and instruments
  • Artificial limbs, eyes, and teeth
  • Orthopedic articles, including supportive bandages and braces
  • Suture materials for medical use
  • X-ray apparatus and instruments for medical use
  • Medical imaging equipment, such as MRI machines and ultrasound devices
  • Dental equipment, including drills, chairs, and X-ray machines
  • Medical diagnostic apparatus, such as blood pressure monitors and glucose meters
  • Hearing aids and pacemakers
  • Medical sterilizers and disinfectant apparatus

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What is included in trademark class 10? 

Apart from the medical equipment, the trademark class 10 is also for medical device. Let’s see what the trademark class for medical device includes in the list below: 

  • Hygienic rubber articles 
  • Supportive bandages
  • Ear picks
  • Earplugs
  • Nursing appliances
  • Orthopaedic belts
  • Orthopaedic footwear
  • Stethoscopes
  • Condoms
  • Dentures/sets of artificial teeth
  • Diagnostic apparatus for medical purposes
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  • Johnson & johnson: Medical and surgical instruments and apparatus
  • Novartis AG: Surgical and medical apparatus, artificial limbs, eyes, teeth, etc.
  • Abbott Laboratories: Surgical, medical, dental, and veterinary instruments 
  • Medtronic: Surgical and medical apparatus, etc.
  • Danaher Corporation: Medical and laboratory diagnostic equipment, etc.
  • General electric: X-ray tubes and apparatus, etc.
  • Siemens Healthineers: Surgical and medical apparatus, artificial eyes, limbs, teeth, etc.
  • Stryker: Medical and surgical goods, etc.
  • Durex: Condoms, contraceptive appliances of all kinds, etc.
  • Manforce: Condoms, contraceptives, ear picks and plugs, etc.

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List of goods classified under trademark class 10

All trademark goods protected under Class 10 are below:

Goods not included in the trademark class for medical device

In this class, the medicinal equipment and devices are included. However, the class 10 does not include the medicine or other medicinal preparations. For that, you need to look into Trademark Class 5

An interesting class 5 case

You must have taken Aspirin at some point in your life. It is a very common drug. Besides, Aspirin was originally a trademark of Bayer. Hence, it was registered for their drug containing acetylsalicylic acid. But Aspirin is now a generic name. Other proprietors have also filed for names similar to Aspirin, such as ASPIRIN EVT, ASPIRIN-C EVT, Aspiriant, and ASPIRINOL D3 under TM class 5.


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