Trademark Class 36: Insurance, Finance, and Real Estate services

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Trademark classes are very important when it comes to filling your Trademark registration form. Trademark Class 36 includes services related to financial and monetary affairs. It also includes all kinds of services related to real estate and insurance contracts. That is why it’s popularly also known as real estate trademark class or finance trademark class. This blog discusses every single service under trademark class 36 in detail with examples. It is crucial for any insurance, finance or real-estate business to register a trademark to safeguard its brand. If you want to get Trademark Registration for a TM within the Real Estate Trademark Class, keep on reading!

What are trademark classes?

Trademark classes can be understood as different TM categories. If Trademarks are a big cupboard, TM classes are the different shelves on which different items are sorted. The real estate trademark class is one of many such shelves. These classes are organized based on the type of goods or services data provided. The classification system followed is the nice classification system, which is an international system of standardization for trademarks. There are a total of 45 trademark classes, classes 1 to 34 deal with goods whereas classes 35 to 45 deal with services.

Why are trademark classes important?

Trademark classes, be it finance trademark class or any other class, are very important for two reasons. Firstly, they help make the trademark registration process smooth and organized. This is especially helpful for conducting a trademark search, which is a necessary step before going for trademark registration. Additionally, it ensures that having a similar trademark in a completely different category doesn’t stop or impact someone from using a similar trademark in another category. Choosing the right TM class also ensures that the Trademark Registration process gets completed quickly.

Understanding the Real Estate Trademark Class

As mentioned earlier, the Real Estate Trademark Class deals with services related to financial and monetary affairs. Below is a list of important services in this class.

1. Insurance

Services dealing with insurance come under the Real Estate Trademark Class. Such as,

  • Services by agents or brokers engaged in insurance.
  • Services rendered to insured.
  • Insurance underwriting services.

2. Real estate services

  • Services of realty administrators of buildings.
  • Services of letting or valuation, or financing.

3. Financial and monetary affairs

  • Services of all the banking establishments and institutions connected with them.
    • Such as exchange brokers or clearing services.
  • Services of credit institutions other than banks.
    • Such as cooperative credit associations, individual financial companies, lenders, etc.
  • Services of “investment trusts” of holding companies.
  • Services of brokers dealing in shares and property.
  • Services related to monetary affairs vouched for by trustees.
  • Services related to issuing travellers’ cheques and letters of credit.
  • Life Insurance Corporation: Insurance
  • ICICI Prudential: Insurance, financial affairs, Monetary affairs
  • Max: Insurance, Financial affairs, Monetary affairs
  • SBI Life Insurance: Services of insurance
  • Bajaj Capital: Investment advisory products
  • Mahindra Finance: Finance services
  • Muthoot Finance: Financial and monetary affairs
  • DLF: Real estate services
  • Prestige: Real estate services

All the services that come under Real Estate Trademark Class are:

Class Term

The Real Estate Trademark Class does not include

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services (Trademark Class 35)
  • Chartered accountancy business services (Trademark Class 35)
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Why is it important to choose the correct trademark class?

You have to choose a TM class be it a trademark class for real estate or any other, in your TM application. Your Trademark registration only gives you the exclusive right to use your trademark within the class that you register it. For example, if you have a clothing brand, and you register a trademark for it in the correct class, the TM ensures that nobody in a similar field can use a similar trademark. Hence, it’s important to pick the correct trademark class. Additionally, if you choose the wrong trademark class in your trademark application, your application can get rejected. It may also receive a formality check failure status. But that is not all, if your trademark gets registered in the wrong class or you miss registering it in other relevant classes you will not be able to protect your trademark from your competitors!


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