Trademark Class 39: Transport, Travel and Parcel Services

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Every Trademark class deals with a specific good or service. Trademark Class 39, also known as the Trademark Class for travel agency, includes services related to transporting people or goods from one place to another, such as transport services, logistics services, travel agencies, courier delivery, etc. This Travel trademark class also includes services related to storing goods in a warehouse for preservation or guarding. In this article, we will understand Trademark registration classes and the Travel trademark class 39 in-depth. So, let’s start understanding!

What is a trademark class?

Trademark classes are different categories that have been created to organize the trademark registration process. These classes are organized on the basis of the type of goods or services data provided. The classification system followed is the nice classification system, which is an international system of standardization for trademarks. There are a total of 45 trademark classes, classes 1 to 34 deal with goods whereas classes 35 to 45 deal with services. Trademark Class for travel agency comes under TM class 39 for services.

Why are trademark classes important?

Trademark classes are very important for two reasons. Firstly, they help make the trademark registration process smooth and organized. This is especially helpful for conducting a trademark search, which is a necessary step before going for trademark registration. Additionally, it ensures that having a similar trademark in a completely different category doesn’t stop or impact someone from using a similar trademark in another category. So be it the Trademark Class for travel agency or any other TM class, they all serve a very important purpose.

Important services included in Trademark Class for travel agency

The Trademark Class for travel agency, also popularly known as tours and travels trademark class, includes services related to:

  • Transporting people or goods from one place to another (By rail, road, water, air or pipeline).
  • Transport services related to stations, bridges, railroad, ferries, etc.
  • Services connected with the hiring of transport vehicles.
  • Services related to maritime tugs, unloading, and functioning of ports and docks.
  • Salvaging of wrecked ships and their cargoes.
  • Services connected with the functioning of airports.
  • Packaging and parcelling of goods before dispatch.
  • Travel journeys or transport of goods by brokers and tourist agencies.
  • Services that provide information about tariffs, timetables and methods of transport.
  • The inspection of vehicles or goods before transport.

Trademark Class for travel agency list does not include

  • Advertising of transport undertakings (Trademark Class 35)
  • Issuing travellers’ cheques or letters of credit by brokers or travel agents (Trademark Class 36)
  • Insurances (commercial, fire or life) during the transport of persons or goods (Trademark Class 36)
  • Services related to the maintenance as well as repair of vehicles (Trademark Class 37)
  • Maintenance or repair of objects connected with the transport of persons or goods (Trademark Class 37)
  • Reservation of rooms in a hotel by travel agents or brokers (Trademark Class 43)
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  • Goibibo: Travel agency services
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  • Balmer Lawrie: Transport; Packaging and storage of goods, logistics
  • Thomas Cook: Travel agency and tourist services
  • DTDC: Courier, cargo, transport
  • Fedex: Transporting and storing goods

All the services that come under TM class 39, which is Trademark Class for travel agency are:

Class Term

Why is it important to choose the correct trademark class?

Trademark registration only gives you the exclusive right to use your trademark within the class that you register it. For example, if you have a skincare brand, and you register a trademark for it in the correct class, the trademark ensures that nobody else selling a similar product or service can use a similar trademark. Choosing the correct trademark class is extremely important to ensure that your trademark is protected within your industry. Choosing the wrong trademark class during the Trademark Registration process can lead to your application getting rejected or receiving a formality check failure status. But that is not all, if your trademark gets registered in the wrong class or you miss registering it in other relevant classes you will not be able to protect your mark from your competitors!


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