Trademark Class 5: Pharmaceutical and Medical Products

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Trademark Class 5 includes all sorts of medical and pharmaceutical products, personal hygiene and sanitary products, veterinary products, some types of baby food, etc.

Important goods included in Trademark Class 5

  • Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations (Tablets, syrups, etc.)
  • Sanitary preparations for medical purposes, other than toiletries
  • Sanitary pads, diapers, etc. 
  • Dietetic substances adapted for medical use
  • Food for babies
  • Plasters, materials for dressings (Bandages, medical cotton, etc.)
  • Material for stopping teeth
  • Dental wax
  • Disinfectants
  • Preparations for destroying vermin
  • Fungicides, herbicides
  • Deodorants other than for personal use
  • Cigarettes without tobacco (for medical purposes)

TM Class 5 list does not include

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List of popular class 5 trademark examples

  • Cadila: Pharmaceutical and medicinal preparations.
  • Zydus: Pharmaceutical and medicinal preparations.
  • Cipla: Pharmaceutical and medicinal preparations.
  • Serum Institute: pharmaceutical, veterinary, and sanitary preparations
  • Candid: Medicinal & pharmaceutical preparations & substances
  • Lizol: Disinfectants, disinfectant cleaners, antiseptics, etc.
  • Crocin: Medicinal preparaton
  • Whisper: Sanitary products 
  • Stayfree: Sanitary napkins and personal hygiene
  • Sun: Medicinal and pharmaceutical preparations
  • Dabur: Ayurvedic medicinal preparations.
  • Patanjali: Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations; sanitary preparations, etc. 
  • Johnson & Johnson: Various medical, surgical, and veterinary products
  • Vicks: Medicinal and pharmaceutical preparations of all kinds 
  • Pampers: Disposable diapers
  • Huggies: Disposable diapers and diaper pants
  • Cerelac: Instant food for infants made on the basis of milk
  • Iodex: Pharmaceutical preparations

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List of Trademark Class 5 goods

All trademark Class 5 goods are listed below:

Class Term


1) What is the trademark class for sanitiser?

Hand sanitiser is classified under trademark class 5. Other Disinfectants, preparations for destroying vermin, fungicides, herbicides, etc. are also classified under class 5.

2) What is the Ayurveda trademark class?

Ayurvedic medicinal preparations or any product relating to Ayurveda should be registered under class 5 for trademark registration.

3) What is the medical trademark class?

All kinds of medical and pharmaceutical products including personal hygiene and sanitary products, as well as veterinary products should be registered under class 5 for trademark classification.

4) What is the sanitary pads trademark class?

Sanitary pads are classified under trademark class 5. Class 5 also includes various sanitary preparations for medical purposes, other than toiletries.

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