Trademark Class 20: Understanding the Trademark Class for Furniture, Mirrors 

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As a business owner, while thinking of brand protection, understanding the concept of trademark classes is integral. Trademark class 20 is specifically the trademark class for furniture, mirrors, home furnishing, and more items. So, for all brands like Home Depot, knowing the nitty gritties of trademark registration online under the home furnishing trademark class is very important. Moreover, the scope of this class is not limited to it being the furniture trademark class, it also extends beyond furnishings to plastic goods. We will cover it all in this blog. So, let’s dive in!

What is trademark class 20?

Most useful for brands like Ikea, trademark class 20 is the appropriate trademark class for furniture and home furnishing parts, plastics, and even mirrors.  This class is important for businesses that manufacture or sell these types of goods, as it provides protection for their brand names, logos, and other identifiers related to these products. Registering under the home furnishing trademark class helps prevent others from using similar marks for similar goods. Consequently, reducing the risk of confusion among consumers and protecting the reputation of the business.

Moreover, the trademark class for furniture also includes wooden goods (not included in other classes), and goods made of cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, shell, amber, mother-of-pearl, and meerschaum. The substitutes for all these materials are also included in class 20.

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Goods included in trademark class for furniture

This trademark class 29 is also inclusive of all home furnishings and other types of furniture including: 

  • Office furniture, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, and outdoor furniture.
  • Mattresses and bedding, such as mattresses, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, pillows, cushions, and bedding sets.
  • Mirrors and mirror frames.
  • Picture frames and photo frames.
  • Furniture fittings and fixtures, including handles, knobs, hinges, and locks.
  • Non-metallic containers, storage boxes, and storage chests.
  • Display stands and shelving units.
  • Furniture parts and accessories, such as furniture legs, furniture covers, and furniture pads.
  • Dog beds and pet furniture.

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Other important goods included in trademark class 20

  • Plastic goods (not included in other classes)
  • Picture frames
  • Metal furniture and furniture for camping
  • Table
  • Desk
  • Shelves
  • Curtain rods and runways
  • Looking glasses and furnishing or toilet mirrors
  • Registration number plates not of metal
  • Letter boxes not of metal or masonry
  • Plastic moulded furniture
  • Plastic tubs
  • Bottle closures & corks

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Goods not included in the furniture trademark class

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  • Firstly, IKEA: Furniture
  • Godrej Interio: Furniture
  • Wipro Furniture: Furniture
  • Usha Furniture: Wooden furniture 
  • Nilkamal: Furniture
  • Zuari: Various kinds of furniture
  • Durian: Furniture
  • 999STORE: Furniture
  • Hosley: Furniture
  • Forever: Picture frames, handicrafts idols and statues
  • Lastly, Hof: Furniture

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List of goods classified under trademark class 20

All trademark goods protected under Class 20 are listed below:

Class Term


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