Trademark Class 6 for Steel and Alloys

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When it comes to modern age innovation and infrastructure, the steel trademark class (Trademark class 6) acts as the backbone for protecting the brand identity for the makers. So, if you produce goods related to alloys and steel, trademark class 6 is applicable to you for the trademark registration in India. From heavy metals, to everyday tools, the trademark class for alloys contains a variety of steel and metal products. In this blog we cover all the trademark class 6 details. So, let’s dive into these details!

What is the trademark class 6?

Trademark class 6 is one of the 45 trademark classes provided to differentiate between goods and services to facilitate trademark registration. As a business owner, it is not only important to know how to register a trademark, but also to choose the trademark class appropriately. Only this action can give your brand actual protection in terms of your goods and services. For example, for makers of steel trademark class 6 is applicable. Not only that, the details of trademark class 6 also apply for alloys, metals (wrought and unwrought), pipes, locks and more. 

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Goods included in the steel trademark class

Trademark class 6 for steel includes a lot of different types of steel products, such as: 

  • Steel sheets and plates
  • Steel pipes and tubes
  • Steel bars and rods
  • Steel wire
  • Steel structures and buildings
  • Steel containers and tanks
  • Steel tools and hardware
  • Steel fasteners and fittings
  • Steel nails and screws
  • Steel chains and ropes

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Other goods included in the trademark class for alloys

  • Common metals and their alloys
  • Metal building materials
  • Transportable buildings of metal 
  • Materials of metal for railway tracks 
  • Non-electric cables and wires of common metal 
  • Ironmongery, small items of metal hardware
  • Pipes and tubes of metal
  • Safes
  • Goods of common metal not included in other classes
  • Ores

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Details not included in trademark class 6

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  • Tata steel: Ores, metals, metal alloys, and other products
  • JSW: Iron and steel products
  • Mahindra: Common metals and their alloys, metal building materials, etc.
  • Godrej: Safes, strong rooms, metal doors, door fittings, locks, etc.
  • Adani: Common metals and their alloys, ores; metal building materials, etc.
  • Jindal: Steel pipes, tubes, and fittings
  • SAIL: Common metal and their alloys, metal building materials, etc.
  • Hindalco: Aluminium ingots and other items of aluminium
  • NMDC TMT: Common metals and their alloys, metal building materials, etc.
  • APL Apollo: Galvanized pipes and tubes
  • Lloyds metals: Common metals and their alloys, ores, metal materials for building, etc.
  • Tinplate: Tin plates, tin plate packing containers, etc.

List of goods classified under trademark class 6

All goods protected under Class 6 are listed below:

Class Term

Reasons to register a trademark

With development, our infrastructure also gets better. Metal, alloys and steel covered in class 6 are an important part of this infrastructural development. Hence, for the players to protect their brand identities, it is important to get a registration in the class 6. See the importance of trademark registration here.


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