Trademark Class 23: Yarns and Threads

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Trademark Class 23 includes all kinds of yarns and threads that are used in textile. Class 23 includes goods like carpet yarns, chenille yarn, cotton-based thread and yarn, coir yarn, Elastic thread and yarn, Embroidery thread, etc.

Important goods included in Trademark Class 23

  • Camel hair yarn
  • Carded yarn
  • Threads for textile use
  • Carpet yarns
  • Cashmere yarns
  • Cotton for darning
  • Cotton thread
  • Cotton yarn
  • Ceramic fibre yarns
  • Chemical-fibre threads and yarns for textile use
  • Chenille yarn
  • Chopped plastic fibres for textile use
  • Coir thread and yarn
  • Cotton base mixed thread and yarn
  • Elastic thread
  • Elastic yarn
  • Embroidery thread and yarn
  • Fibreglass thread for textile use
  • Hand knitting wools
  • Glass fibre thread and yarn
  • Hemp yarn
  • Linen thread and yarn
  • Raw silk yarn
  • Spun silk yarn
  • Plastic thread for textile use
  • Metal fibre thread for textile use
  • Sewing thread
  • Sail thread
  • Rayon yarn
  • Synthetic yarn
  • Twisted yarn
  • Waxed thread
  • Alok industries ltd: Yarn and threads of all kinds
  • Arvind mill: Yarns and threads for textile use.
  • Vardhman: All kinds of yarn, wool and threads.
  • SRF: Yarns and threads including fibre yarns and fibre threads
  • Welspun: All kinds of threads and yarns
  • Trident: Yarns and threads
  • Nahar spinning: All types of yarns
  • Raymond: Woollen yarn and threads of all kinds
  • Rupa: Yarns & threads
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List of goods classified under Trademark Class 23

All trademark goods protected under Class 23 are listed below:

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