All About Trademark Class for Textile and Bedsheet: Trademark Class 24

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As per the NICE Classification, the appropriate trademark class for textile and textile goods is Trademark class 24. Understanding the appropriate classes is a very important aspect of online trademark registration. Many times, individual business owners are confused among two or more classes. For example, trademark class 25 is for clothing. So, people often take solace in assuming that it is also the appropriate trademark class for textiles like bedsheets. However, that’s exactly why you need to go through this blog. Here, you’ll see the appropriate bedsheet trademark class 24 and its inclusions,  exclusions in detail. 

What is trademark class for textiles?

The trademark class for textiles is class 24 under the NICE Classification of Trademarks. It allows the manufacturers of textile and textile materials to obtain protection over the different types of trademarks they use in their trade and commerce. Moreover, Trademark Class 24 includes mainly textiles and textile goods like bedsheets and blankets. Goods included in class 24 range from towels, napkins, and comforters to different textile fabrics, canvas, synthetic fibers, etc.Besides, it is also commonly known as the bedsheet trademark class, as it is one of the most popular products from this class. 

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Important goods included in trademark class 24

The following are the list of goods included in the Trademark Class for Textile: 

  • Textiles
  • Different fabrics
  • Textile goods not included in other classes
  • Bath towels
  • Canvas
  • Chair covers
  • Cloth
  • napkins
  • Corduroy fabrics
  • Curtain holders
  • Drapes
  • Embroidery fabric
  • Felt cloth
  • Filtering cloth
  • Hand towels
  • Hemp cloth
  • Knitted elastic fabrics
  • Knitted fabrics
  • Mosquito nets
  • Non-woven fabrics
  • Nylon fabrics
  • Pillow covers
  • Quilts
  • Rayon fabric
  • Satin
  • Sackcloth
  • Shirtings
  • Shirt fabrics
  • Silk cloth

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Products included in the bedsheet trademark class 

Apart from the above mentioned textile and textile goods, for bedsheets also trademark class 24 is applicable. The following products are included in the bedsheet Trademark class: 

  • bed and table covers
  • Bedding linen of paper
  • Bed coverings
  • Bedspreads
  • Blankets
  • Bedsheets
  • Comforters
  • Curtains
  • Mattress covers
  • Sleeping bags

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Products not included in trademark class for textiles

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  • Alok industries limited: Bed covers, bed linen, cloth, bedspreads, bedclothes, etc.
  • Arvind mills: Textile piece goods
  • Welspun: Textiles and textile goods, not included in other classes
  • Raymond: Textile piece-goods including shirtings, suitings, sarees, dress materials, etc.
  • Trident group: Textile piece goods; Bed and table covers; Towels, etc.
  • K.P.R: Textiles and textile goods, bed, table covers, knitwear, etc.
  • Rupa: Textile piece-goods, and articles of all kinds including suiting, shirtings, blankets, etc.
  • Himatsingka: Textiles and textile goods, bed sheets, pillowcases, etc.
  • Bombay Dyeing: Bed sheets, bedspreads and pillowcases, etc.
  • D’decor: Textiles for furnishings, fabrics, curtains, bedsheets, etc.
  • Jaipur Fabric: Textiles and substitutes for textiles

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List of goods classified under trademark class 24

All trademark goods protected under Class 24 are listed below:

Reasons to register in class 24 for textiles and bedsheet

Once you know the importance of trademark registration, you’ll also understand why it is important to register a trademark in class 24 for your  goods and services. The most important reason is because it will help you in protecting your mark from being infringed. Moreover, it will also give you the exclusive rights over your mark. For example, A new mattress company cannot use the marks “Sleepwell”. 


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