Trademark Class 31: Agricultural and Horticultural Goods

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Trademark Class 31 mainly includes agricultural, horticultural, and forestry products not included in other classes. Class 31 includes land products that have not been subjected to any form of preparation for consumption. For example, raw cereals, grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables are included in this class. Live animals, malt, seeds, natural plants and flowers, foodstuffs for animals, etc. are all included in trademark class 31.

Important goods included in Trademark Class 31

  • Agricultural, horticultural, and forestry products
  • Algae or seaweed for consumption
  • Live animals
  • Fresh beans
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Seeds
  • Unprocessed seeds for agricultural use
  • Natural plants and flowers
  • Animal food and animal feeds
  • Animal litter
  • Dog food, cat food, etc.
  • Dog biscuits
  • Pet food
  • Cat litters
  • Cat treats
  • Catnip
  • Cattle food
  • Cannabis plants
  • Unprocessed cannabis
  • Edible baits
  • Edible bird treats
  • Edible bones and sticks for pets
  • Powdered milk for animals
  • Fish food
  • Fodder
  • Malt
  • Maize
  • Maize cake for cattle
  • Raw woods
  • Raw unprocessed cereals
  • Dried plants for decoration
  • Preserved flowers
  • Fertilised eggs for hatching
  • Mollusca and crustacea (Live)
  • Rice meal for forage
  • Unsawn timber
  • Trees, tree trunks, plants, pollen, etc.
  • Eggs for hatching
  • Nursery plants
  • Raw and unprocessed grains
  • Seedlings
  • Wheat

TM Class 31 list does not include

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  • Pedigree: Dog food, food for animals, birds and fish, bones for dogs, etc.
  • Drools: Foodstuffs for animals
  • Whispering Homes: Dried plants for decorating purposes
  • Interflora: Natural plants and flowers
  • Krishidhan seeds: All kinds of seeds

List of goods classified under Trademark Class 31

All trademark goods protected under Class 31 are listed below:

Class Term

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