Pay only Stamp Duty: Zero MCA Form Fees for Company Registration

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MCA vide notification G.S.R. 180(E) dated 06th March 2019 has amended the Companies Incorporation Rules, 2014. It has reduced the company registration fees to Zero. This has brought a big relief to startup enthusiasts as they now have to pay only Stamp Duty Charges to register a private limited company.

Though, this is applicable to those companies having Authorised Capital up to Rs. 15 lakh as against the earlier limit of Rs.10 lakh. The said rule has been made applicable with effect from 18th March 2019.

Zero MCA Fees for incorporation forms of companies having Authorised Capital up to Rs 15 Lakh.

Key Elements:

  • The Ministry has amended the fees payable to the Registrar to incorporate the companies understated Rules.
  • Refer the fees schedule below
  • The Companies claiming the benefit of Zero Fees during the company incorporation process must maintain the status of small companies for at least one year. Therefore, the companies cannot increase its Authorised Capital above 10 lakh within a span of 1-year from its incorporation.
  • The company registration fees payable to States are not reduced or eliminated i.e. the Stamp Duty on MoA and AoA of the companies will stay intact.
  • Thus notification only covers the fees structure for the company registration.

Check if you are exempted from Paying MCA Fees

Company with Authorized Capital* : Yes No

Fees payable to Registrar for registration of Companies:

  • For OPC and Small Companies
Authorised CapitalFeesAdditional fees
Up to Rs 15 Lakh
Exceeding Rs 15 Lakh up to Rs 50 Lakh2,000Rs 200 for the capital of Rs 10,000 or part thereof.
  • For registration of companies OTHER THAN OPC and Small Companies:
Authorised CapitalFeesAdditional fees
Up to Rs 15 Lakh
Exceeding Rs 15 Lakh up to Rs 50 Lakh36,000Up to 50 lakh

Rs 300 for the capital of Rs 10,000 or part thereof.

Up to Rs 1 Crore:

Rs 100 for the capital of Rs 10,000 or part thereof for capital exceeding Rs 50 Lakh

After 1 Crore:

Rs 75 for every Rs 10,000 or part thereof for capital exceeding Rs 1 Crore.
The total amount of additional fees shall not exceed an amount of Rs Two Crore and Fifty Lakh ensures affordability.
Register your company today!


Make the most out of this government initiative that plummets government registration fees to Zero to register a Company (subject to authorized capital). Every such thing adds up to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and creates a healthy environment for businesses to flourish. For now, the private limited company registration fees in India reduced to zero and minimum authorized capital is increased from Rs.10 Lakh to Rs.15 Lakh to help businesses grow.

Last updated on 08 November 2019 as per latest notification.

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