Private Limited Company Registration Fees in India  

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Registering a company in India opens the gateway to the world of entrepreneurship and business. So, to start a new business, you will have to undergo the process of registration and will have to pay the associated company registration fees. Also, it does not matter which type of business you choose, payment of pvt ltd company registration govt fees and stamp duty is a must to start an entrepreneurial journey. Moreover, beginning the journey is not always simple. Since, pvt ltd company registration fees may also change on the basis of faltering circumstances. Especially considering the different requirements for all the private limited company regisreation fees. Besides, certified service providers help with the process after charging the professional fees to the applicable government charges.

Hence, through this article, you can get a detailed idea on the private limited company registration fees in India. However, it also includes a brief discussion on all the factors that helps in fees determination. Additionally, we interwine our thoughts into three of the most common companies, private, public and OPCs. So, let’s dive into the details of the pvt ltd registration govt & professional fees.

Meaning of Private Limited Company 

Before knowing the company registration fees, it is ideal you understand the meaning of private limited company. Especially considering that private limited company is a popular business form. Hence, according to the Companies Act, 2013 it is a privately held company. Thus, a closed group of people incorporate and manage the private limited company after registration of govt fees and incorporation. 

So, out of all the different types of company in India, private limited company registration fees are somehow the most advantageous for the young entrepreneurs. Moreover, with additional investment options, it brings a bit of security to the business owners. Hence, it makes the process of figuring out the actual payable fees for company registration easy. So, to start a succesfful business, awareness is necesarry. Besides, this awareness isn’t solely important to start the business, but also to run it. Hence, you’re at the right place. Because, with you get solutions for all your business needs.

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Requirements to register a Company

The company registration process is complex. It  serves as a pathway to understanding companies before actually starting a business. Moreover, before paying the pvt ltd company registration govt fees, you need to submit certain necessary proofs. So, these proofs along with other basic information helps in determining the pvt ltd company registration fees. 

The most vital requirement is members of company. So, a company should have atleast 2 members, to get registered as a private limited company. Moreover, if you only have one member, OPC is your option. Also, a private company will have maximum of only 200 members. So, if your company members exceed 200, you will have to change Private to public company. Hence, the basic requirements to start a new company are:

  • Firstly, a unique company name;
  • Secondly, main object;
  • Thirdly, members and subscribers;
  • Fourthly, a shareholders Agreement;
  • Then, a list of Company Directors; and
  • Lastly, an office address.

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Documents for Company Registration

As stated above, there’s a list of documents required for company registration. These documents include : 

  • Firstly, submission of DIN;
  • Secondly, Digital Signature Certificate;
  • Then, Spice + Proforma;
  • Fourthly, MOA and AOA; and 
  • Then, Rent Agreement, ID Proof, NOC; and
  • Last, Passport/Aadhar Card. 

Pvt Ltd Company Registration Govt Fees

Cost of obtaining DSC 

Firstly, DSC stands for Digital Signature Certificate. Further having a digital signature certificate is mandatory for all the shareholders and members of a company. However, the Controller of Certified Agencies is the issuing authority. Hence, typically the cost of procuring a DSC is INR 1000/- . However, You can get your DSC from any authorized personnel or organization. For the purpose of considering the fees for company registration, a class III DSC is applicable. Also Read: How to Obtain DSC

DIN as a part of the cost for company registration

So a DIN or Director’s Identification Number is a unique number assigned to all such persons who act as a Director in any organisation. The DIN is one of the most important aspects of incorporation of a pvt company. The cost of obtaining DIN for pvt company registration is also included in the cost of the private limited company registration fees in India. Hence, the reason behind this fact is that the DIN application process is a part of the SPICE + Part B form. 

Spice+ Part A

Filing this, is the first part of incorporating a private company, before payment of company registration fees. Further, the submission of this form along with applicable fees allows you to reserve a unique name and forms a part of company registration fees in India. Lastly, government fees for the Spice + Part A form is INR 1000/-.

Spice+ Part B

This form includes all the basic details important for the registration of a pvt ltd company. As a result, it Includes but is not limited to, business activity, shareholders’ details, share capital and holding pattern details, etc. Moreover, the Spice + form as a whole is an initiative to make the entire ease of doing business in India ranking, hgiher. So, there are govt fees associated with the Spice forms for company. Any private limited company registration process is considered to be complete only once the spice + part B is submitted and the certificate of incorporation is issued. 

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1. PAN and TAN

A company registered in India must have its own PAN and TAN. Besides, PAN stands for a permanent account number. However, TAN stands for Tax deduction and collection Account Number. Moreover, both are unique to each business. However, the issuance of PAN and TAN falls within the ambit of National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). So, before paying the fees for company registration, you will have to get the PAN And TAN of company. So, for that you will need to know the cost for obtaining PAN and TAN. Hence, the charges for private limited company PAN and TAN applications are INR 131. Also, you can obtain it as an inclusive part of your package of company incorporation with

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2. Legal Agreements

Besides the costs of government fees, you will have to spare some moneies on the preparation and regsitration of certain legal agreements. Especially considering the importance of contracts entered into by a company. Moreover, a company has the benefit of having separate legal entity. So, to avail this, the company can enter into its own contracts. Hence, increasing the need for the legal agreements more than informal business structures. Also, feel free to read about the legal compliance requirements for Websites.

3. Stamp Duty

Payment of appropriate stamp duty is also an essential part of the company registration process. However, the stamp duty applicable is dependent on two factors, namely, the state of registration and the authorized share capital. So, it is important that you have an idea of the applicable stamp duty for the company registration. Besides, the reason being, that, you will have to submit the requisite stamp duty charges and govt fees to the authorities. Moreover, the authoritiy in question here is the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Also, the Registrar of Companies is equally involved in the MCA portal and regulations to be followed. For the purpose of avoiding mistakes, you must be aware of the fees. Hence, the table below gives a detailed view on the company registration stamp duty fees in India.

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Table for Stamp Duty

State/Authorized Capital 1 Lakh 2 Lakh 2 Lakh 4 Lakh 5 Lakh 6 Lakh 7 Lakh 8 Lakh 9 Lakh 10 Lakh
Andaman & Nicobar 520 520 520 520 520 520 520 520 520 520
Andhra Pradesh 1520 1520 1520 1520 1520 1520 1570 1720 1870 2020
Arunachal Pradesh 710 710 710 710 710 710 710 710 710 710
Assam 525 525 525 525 525 525 525 525 525 525
Bihar 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600 1650 1800 1950 2100
Chandigarh 1503 1503 1503 1503 1503 1503 1503 1503 1503 1503
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41
Delhi 360 510 660 810 960 1110 1260 1410 1560 1710
Goa 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200
Gujarat 620 1120 1620 2120 2620 3120 3620 4120 4620 5120
Haryana 135 195 195 195 195 195 195 195 195 195
Himachal Pradesh 123 183 183 183 183 183 183 183 183 183
Jammu & Kashmir 310 460 460 460 460 460 460 460 460 460
Jharkhand 173 173 173 173 173 173 173 173 173 173
Karnataka 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020
Kerala 3025 3025 3025 3025 3025 3025 3025 3025 3025 3025
Lakshadweep 1525 1525 1525 1525 1525 1525 1525 1525 1525 1525
Madhya Pradesh 7550 7550 7550 7550 7550 7550 7550 7550 7550 7550
Maharashtra 1300 1300 1300 1300 1300 2300 2300 2300 2300 2300
Nagaland 260 260 260 260 260 260 260 260 260 260
Orissa 610 610 610 610 610 610 610 610 610 610
Punjab 10025 15025 15025 15025 15025 15025 15025 15025 15025 15025
Rajasthan 1010 1510 2010 2510 3010 3510 4010 4510 5010 5510
Tamil Nadu 520 520 520 520 520 520 520 520 520 520
Telangana 1520 1520 1520 1520 1520 1520 1570 1720 1870 2020
Tripura 260 260 260 260 260 260 260 260 260 260
Uttar Pradesh 1010 1010 1010 1010 1010 1010 1010 1010 1010 1010
West Bengal 370 370 370 370 370 370 370 370 370 370

What is the Company Registration Fees in India?

The company registration fees is dependent on a lot of factors such as:

  • Firstly, Number of company Members;
  • Secondly, Authorized capital limit;
  • Thirdly, Applicable Stamp Duty; and 
  • Lastly, Capital clause of MOA.

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Post Incorporation Fees for Pvt Ltd Company in India

So there are many post company incoporation compliance requirements that a private limited company undergoes. Thus, you need to be aware of the post registration fees and costs for private limited companies in India also. Besides, there are so many different registration that you can take up, such as IEC registration, shop and eastablishment registration, etc. Moreover, PF registration process is also very vital for companies with more than 20 employees. Hence, go through all the association costs of post incorporation compliance for private companies, before moving forward. Moreover, these requirements include:

  • Firstly, hold Borad Meeting;
  • Secondly, register office address;
  • Thirdly, maintain all statutory registers;
  • Fourthly, Maintaining Licenses;
  • Then, GST Registration;
  • Then, open company bank account; and
  • Lastly, hold Annual General Meeting.

Company Registration Fees for One Person Company

The OPC refers to a one person company. Thus, in this business structure, there’s only one member. Besides, as a part of this process, you may have to appoint a nominee. So, these differing factors have an impact on the process of OPC registration. Moreover, the fees for company registration differs on many factors. Hence, similar is applicable for company registration fees of One Person Company. However, fun fact is that OPC registration is cheaper as compared to a private company in India.

Moreover, there are many difference between opc and private limited company. Hence, it makes the final decision difficult for the company owners. Thus, the company registration govt fees, also becomes an active factor in determination of business type and strcutre.

Fees for Public Company Registration

Public Company is owned by the public. With that said, it is also one of the most complex business strcutures in india. Hence, as a result, the public company registration fees tends to be on the higher end of the deal. So, usually people start their journey with private company registration and gradually move towards an IPO. Thus, saving the shot of becoming publiclly listed if they grow to a certain level.

Wrapping Up! has successfully helped more than a 1000 entrepreneurs in beginning their journey as private limited company owners. Further, as certified online experts, we believe in keeping the costs of starting a new business as minimal as possible. As a result, we have a category of three different packages for the private limited company incorporation, which can sort out the issues of all types of entrepreneurs. Hence, you can take a look at the pvt ltd company registration govt fees in India by Moreover, you can also read about the best suitable business structures in India. Lastly, if you feel confused in choosing the best package, our experts are just one click away! 

Business Package starting from INR. 7,999

  • Firstly, all expenses & Government fee
  • Also, 2 Director Identification Numbers (DIN)
  • 2 Class III Digital Signatures
  • MOA and AOA Drafting
  • Name approval with SPICe+
  • Then, PAN and TAN Number with Certificate of Incorporation
  • Lastly, additional cost of INR. 2,000/- per class III DSC (in case more than 2 Directors)

Executive Package Starting from INR. 10,999

  • Firstly, all inclusions of the Business Package
  • Secondly, GST Registration
  • Also, MSME Registration
  • Then, INC-20A filing
  • First Auditor and Bank Account opening Resolutions
  • Then, Employment Offer Letter, Contract & Employment Appointment Letter
  • Lastly, Website and Disclaimer Policy

Premium Package Starting from INR. 36,999

  • Firstly, all inclusions of the Business Package
  • Accounting for up to 250 entries in the entire FY
  • Annual compliance filing with MCA for a year
  • Then, ADT-1 filing for the first year
  • ITR filing for the first year
  • Then, GST Return filing for 12 months (Upto 100 invoices per month)
  • Lastly, DIR-3 KYC for 2 DIN holders

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