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Thinking of offering someone a job? It is important to have a proper and formal Offer letter to list down all the terms you have to offer to the candidate. Get your customized offer letters drafted with our experts to have ease in your recruiting procedure.

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    What is an Offer Letter?

    While conducting the recruitment process in an organization, it is very important to have all the recruiting documents such as Employment Contract, Offer Letter, Appointment Letter, Termination Notice, etc. in place.

    One of the essential documents is an Offer Letter. An Offer Letter is a written document that the company provides to an employee upon receiving confirmation for the job he has applied for. It is given to an employee on confirmation for the job after successfully clearing the interview. An offer Letter consists of the brief of Designation, Remuneration details, Reporting Manager, Joining Date, Number of paid leaves, etc.

    There are many offer letter formats available on the internet but an employer needs to understand what should be part of an offer letter before he offers it to any suitable candidate.

    Why does an employer need an Offer Letter?

    An Offer Letter serves many purposes. Some of the important reasons are as below:

    • It lays down details of the job responsibilities, pay and perks, and further employment requirements if any.
    • It leads to no miscommunication as all details are mentioned in the offer letter.
    • It shows authenticity and builds trust between the company and employees.
    • It creates realistic expectations.

    Inclusions in an Offer Letter

    It is very important to draft a crisp and clear offer letter with all the important inclusions in it. An Offer Letter is a confirmation of the job of the candidate who has cleared all the rounds of an interview. An Offer Letter will include the following clauses:

    • Job Designation
    • Job Description
    • Remuneration Details
    • Joining Date and Time
    • Reporting Manager
    • Details of Paid leaves
    • Employee Benefits
    • Details of other employment contracts if any, to be signed by the candidate
    • Details of notice period to be served
    • Documents to be submitted at the time of joining

    You can seek our professional’s assistance to get the offer letter template.

    Advantages of an Offer Letter


    Frequently Asked Questions


    A candidate gets an offer letter on clearing all the rounds of the interview. It means that he has been selected for the position and has been offered the job. However, an appointment letter is given to an employee once he accepts an offer letter. An appointment letter signifies that he has been appointed for the respective position.


    Ideally no. As the offer letter can be revoked by the company or employee too. Hence, there is no assurance that you have secured a job when you receive an offer letter. 


    The company can revoke the offer letter anytime until accepted by an employee. The company will be required to mention reasonable grounds for revoking the offer letter. 

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    How can LegalWiz.in help you draft an Offer Letter?

    Our experts at LegalWiz.in can help you draft a customized Offer Letter as per your requirements. Our professionals can also advise you on any recruitment-related document you receive from others. You are only required to contact us at LegalWiz.in and we will take care of the rest of the process.

    Why Choose LegalWiz.in?

    With the help of experts in-house who are dealing with many companies and helping them build their entire employment document library, you can have a smooth recruiting process by drafting customized Offer Letters templates with our experts. With high experience, our professionals will provide the service with utmost satisfaction without any geographical boundaries.


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