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Frequently Asked Questions

What should be taken care of change of Partners in Limited Liability Partnership?

For the purpose of change in Partner of the Limited Liability Partnership, the criteria of minimum 2 Designated Partner shall be complied with. Further, for addition or removal of Partner, the LLP Agreement shall be modified with requisite details by entering into a Supplement Deed to the LLP Agreement.

Whether the changes in the Partners and Capital are to be intimated to MCA?

The changes in the partners of the LLP including the details of any designation or details shall be submitted to MCA along with the Supplementary Deed to LLP Agreement within 30 days from the date of changes.

Does the LLP Agreement is to be updated to add or remove Partner in the LLP?

The LLP Agreement shall be amended by way of entering into a Supplement Deed. The LLP Agreement shall provide the details of changes including the additional capital introduced, new profit sharing ratio and any other insertion or deletion of clauses in the original LLP Agreement. The Supplement deed shall be filed with the MCA within 30 days of the date of execution.

Whether Stamp Duty is required to be paid on Supplementary Deed?

The stamp duty shall be paid according to the added capital in the LLP as per the rate prescribed by the respective state. Where there no capital is added in the LLP while addition or removal of Partner, the Supplementary Agreement shall be executed by payment of Rs 100/- as stamp duty.

What should I do if my other Partner has resigned and I am the only left now?

The LLP Act provides for minimum of Two Partners in the LLP. Where the number of partners is reduces below two, the only partner shall take necessary actions to appoint a Partner in the LLP within 6 months from the date of removal/resignation/death. Where the appointment is not made within 6 months, the remaining Partner shall be liable personally for the obligations of the limited liability partnership incurred during that period.

What are the requirements to be a Partner/ Designated Partner for LLP Registration?

There are no limitations in terms of citizenship or residency to be a Partner. Therefore, the LLP Act, 2008 allows Foreign Nationals including Foreign Companies & LLPs to incorporate a LLP in India provided at least one Designated Partner is resident of India. However, the person should be 18 or above i.e. not a minor and competent to enter into contract. Also, the proposed Designated Partner shall have DIN (as explained above).

What are the pre-requisite to add Partner in the LLP?

For addition of Partner in the LLP, the consent of the proposed Partner shall be accorded in the prescribed Form.  Where the person is to be added as a Designated Partner, in addition to above, he/she shall procure a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and make an application for the allotment of Director Identification Number (DIN).

Do I need to apply for another DIN, if I have already procured one?

DIN (Director Identification Number) is a unique number assigned by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to Individuals on application made, which allows any individual to be Director in any Company or Designated Partner in LLP. The DIN is permanently allotted and can be used for subsequent appointment in another company/LLP.

Whether a Partner or Designated Partner shall contribute in the LLP?

While addition of Partner in the LLP, the Partner/Designated Partner may contribute the amount agreed by and between all the Partners including present, in any form whether tangible or intangible. However, it is not mandatory to bring capital in the LLP.

What are the rights and liabilities of the new Partner(s) in the Limited Liability Partnership?

The rights and liabilities of the new partner(s) will be governed by the LLP Agreement and Supplement Deed of the LLP. Where there are no specific rights/liabilities are prescribed or altered in the Supplement Deed, the rights and liabilities will be same as prescribed in the original LLP Agreement.

Can I resign myself from the Limited Liability Partnership in which I am a Partner?

In order to resign from the LLP, the Partner shall intimate about the intention to resign to the LLP and remaining partner. At least 30 days’ notice is required to be served by the resigning Partner for the stated purpose.

Which procedure is to be followed for removal of Partner from Limited Liability Partnership?

Once, the partner has served the notice of resignation to the partners and LLP, the supplement agreement in this regards shall be entered into by all the partners including exiting Partner. The supplement deed shall be submitted with the Ministry within 30 days from the effective date of removal of the Partner from LLP.

What are the rights and liabilities of the Partner exiting from LLP?

The rights and liability of the exiting Partner will be as prescribed in the original LLP Agreement. Furthermore, the rights and restrictions can be specifically mentioned in the Supplement Agreement. Any capital to be reimbursed to the exiting partner shall be specifically mentioned in the Supplement Deed with the mode of payment.

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