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Requirement to generate e-Way Bill

In Line with Governments One Nation One Tax Policy
Compulsory for goods exceeding value of INR 50,000 in single consignment

Mandatory for inter-state transport since April 1, 2018
Decreased involvement of officers during transfer of goods

Supplier, transporter or recipeint is person responsible to generate EWB
Seamless transport of goods across nation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-Way Bill?
E-Way Bill is an electronic document generated online on portal deployed by the Central Government to support the movement of goods from one state to another or the intrastate movement as applicable.
When e-Way Bill filing is mandatory?
Filing and generation of e-Way Bill is mandatory for inter-state movement of goods when the value of single consignment exceeds INR 50,000. The provisions are made applicable since April 1, 2018. However, for intra-state (within State) transportation, applicability of e-Way Bill will be notified by the respective State Governments.
How the value of consignment is calculated?
The amount of consignment to be transported will include basic value of goods including the GST and cess paid on same.
Who is required to generate e-Way Bill online?
The supplier of the goods is required to generate the e-Way Bill for the goods transported as prescribed.
Which goods are included for calculation of consignment value for the purpose of e-Way Bill?
Generating e-Way Bill will be required for transportation of goods that is rejected, returned, goods sent for repairs and maintenance and material sent on job work with delivery challan. To simplify the generation of bill is required for inward supply of goods.
What is the information or documents required to generate e-Way Bill online?
For generation of e-Way bill, the sale bill and details regarding the supplier, recipient and transporter of goods along with details of vehicle through which the consignment is being transferred. The vehicle number can be changed after generation of e-Way Bill.
How e-Way Bill is generated?
e-Way Bill is generated through online portal of the GST Network assigned for same. The process includes filing PART – A and PART – B of the form applicable through online portal or through SMS. On registration of Bill, e-Way Bill Number (EBN) will be generated.
In what time e-Way Bill will be generated by
Once all the required documents are provided, team can generate e-Way Bill on behalf of supplier within 30 minutes.
Whether consolidated e-Way Bill be generated for multiple consignments?
Yes, consolidate e-Way Bill in form prescribed can be generated for multiple consignments in single consignment vehicle by the transporter.
What are the modes of transportation covered for generating e-Way Bill under GST?
Generating e-Way Bill will be compulsory for every mode of transportation that includes airway, waterways, and roadways. Mode of public conveyance is also included under same.
Does transportation through railway required generating e-Way Bill?
No, railway has been exempted for generation of e-Way Bill however, subject to conditions specified.
Does the recipient required to convey the acceptance of the goods under transit?
Yes, the recipient of goods must convey the acceptance or rejection of the goods under transit by online generation of e-Way Bill during validity of the e-Way Bill or 72 hours, whichever is earlier.
What is the validity of the e-Way Bill generated?
The period for validity of e-Way Bill will depend on the distance to be covered by the vehicle in transit for delivery of goods. For distance up to 100 km Bill will be valid for 1 day. Validity period of 1 day will be added for additional distance of 100 km.
Does the transporter require carrying e-Way Bill during transportation of goods?
Yes, the transporter must carry the e-Way Bill generated with consignment during the transportation as it includes the details of the goods carried.

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Supplier of the goods is responsible to generate e-Way Bill for transportation across nation. When the consignment value exceeds the amount of Rs 50,000, the supplier is required to file and generate the e-Way Bill for inter-state transportation of goods. Generation of e-Way Bill is applicable from 1st April, 2018 for nationwide transportation of goods. The supplier of goods being registered person can generate e-Way Bill using log in credentials after GST Registration. e-Way Bill is commonly abbreviated as EWB and the number allotted is called e-Way Bill Number (EBN). is an online platform that offers quick and affordable services and helps you to reduce your burden on filing e-Way Bill an other GST Return filings. We guarantee highest quality standard backed by 100% customer satisfaction. Our team of expert chartered accountants, company secretaries and a network of qualified professionals take care of filing your Returns with the GST Department to score higher at GST Compliance Rating. We guarantee highest quality standard backed by 100% customer satisfaction. Our team of expert chartered accountants, company secretaries and a network of qualified professionals take care of generation of e-Way Bill from the GST Department. To generate e-Way Bill as supplier, you need to spare a few minutes to provide details of goods under transport and supplier as well as recipient's details. All you need to do is sharing the details of Transactions and rest will be taken care by the experienced team of Experts on subject matter are available on call or via email to answer your queries. We also provide services of GST Return Filing, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services along with services related to Company Incorporation, Copyright Registration, Trademark Registration Application, Trademark Objection, Trademark Renewal, Trademark Assignment, Personalized Legal Document Drafting, etc. We offer services through an online model and a network of trusted affiliates across all major cities in India including Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vadodara, Kolkata, Chennai, Noida, Gurgaon and others. Our work is backed by 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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