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    Drafting Term Sheet


    A term sheet is a bullet-point document for startups which lays down the proposed terms and conditions for investment and is only for discussion purposes. A well-structured investment term sheet acts as a base for final Agreements such as Shareholder’s Agreements. A term sheet is considered to be an essential document by the entrepreneurs to attract investors.

    Term Sheet assures that parties involved in the business transaction agree on the significant and fundamental aspects of the deal. On the other hand, it minimizes the chance of any misunderstanding and any unnecessary disputes between the parties in future.

    Key Elements of Term Sheet

    A term sheet mainly includes:

    • Details of the company, the current shareholders and the current directors
    • The valuation of the company
    • Reserved rights of the investors
    • Price per share
    • Voting rights
    • Details of what the invested funds will be used for
    • Any restrictions on the activities of the founders
    • A summary of the rights relating to the issue and transfer of shares
    • Liquidation preference
    • Anti-dilution provision
    • Exit Rights of the investors
    • Option pool
    • Information and Inspection rights
    • Arbitration clause
    • Governing Laws and Jurisdiction clause
    • Other essential terms and provisions

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    Advantages of Term Sheet

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    A term sheet is an essential document by the entrepreneurs to attract investors as it works a base for the final agreement, reducing the possibility of misunderstandings and disagreements in the future.


    A term sheet includes the terms and conditions for financing a startup. It contains details regarding the company’s valuation, amount of investment, the percentage stake sought by the investors, the investor’s exit rights, anti-dilution provisions, and other important provisions related to the funding.


    Term sheets are generally non- binding in nature but can be made binding if it has clear and specific terms and is executed on stamp paper.

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