Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Make sure that your proprietary information is confidential and protected with you. Get your Non-Disclosure Agreement drafted today from our seasoned lawyers at a very affordable price. Before disclosing any information about your business idea to anyone, do not forget to have the most important legal document with you i.e. an NDA!

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    What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

    If you own a business, you might have come across the term Non-Disclosure Agreement. A Non-disclosure Agreement or an NDA is a legal agreement that ensures the confidentiality of the data you share with others. An NDA gives you legal protection making sure people who have access to your confidential data don’t misuse it. It comes in handy when you are disclosing your business’s confidential and proprietary information to others, which, as an entrepreneur, you might often do.

    Likewise, other businesses (with whom you are or likely to do business) might share their confidential information with you and may ask you to sign an NDA agreement. Hence, it becomes important that you know the nuances surrounding an NDA agreement.

    Some instances where you require a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

    A Non-Disclosure Agreement is the most commonly used legal document by businesses because a wide gamut of confidential information is exchanged every day between businesses on a large scale basis. Some important and common instances where you would need an NDA agreement are:



    Frequently Asked Questions


    An NDA agreement helps you in protecting the confidential information that you are sharing with third parties. It helps create a trust that your confidential information will not be spilled out without your consent and ensures you have a legal remedy in the event it is.


    Parties who are capable of entering into a contract as per the Indian Contract Act, 1872 can sign an NDA.


    You can use the draft of the NDA agreement with as many parties and as many times as you wish to. Every time you enter into an NDA with a different party, you may have to make minor changes in the name of the parties and category of confidential information.


    Confidential Information includes all the details that you think are confidential and proprietary to your business which, if disclosed to third parties without your knowledge, is likely to cause losses to you or your business.


    Yes, an NDA agreement is a legally binding document and parties can file a suit in the event of any breach of any of its terms.


    It is not mandatory but advisable to get a stamp paper for an NDA agreement to ensure the validity and existence of the document. An NDA does not require a notary.  

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    Our Experienced professionals at LegalWiz.in can help you draft a custom NDA agreement based on your business needs. Lawyers at Legalwiz can also review an NDA agreement that you receive from others. All you need to do is convey to our experts the purpose behind having an NDA agreement and they will take care of the rest.

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