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Leave aside petty concerns of your organization w.r.t. employees and clearly define your relationship and goals with them. Help them grow with your growth. Get your employment contract drafted today by our expert lawyers and bring the utmost clarity in your interaction with employees. Before hiring, make sure to have the right employment contract in place!

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    What is an employment contract?

    An entrepreneur knows the importance of having key Human Resource (“HR”) documents in place. Of all the HR documents, an employment contract is paramount in safeguarding the interests of any organization as well as its employees.

    An employment contract is a legal document that helps both, the employer and an employee, in setting mutual boundaries within which they are expected to work with each other. It lays down guidelines, rules, duties, and obligations, that clearly define an employee’s relationship with the organization. An employment contract helps an organization manage its human resource in a more effective and efficient manner. It defines the position of responsibility that an employee will hold, his/her remuneration, term, termination, and such other provisions. It plays a key role in resolving workplace disputes more amicably.

    Advantages of having an Employment Contract

    What key provisions should an Employment Contract include?


    Frequently Asked Questions


    No, not all companies have an employment contract since it is not mandated by law. However, it is advisable to have one to define the rights and duties of both parties and to avoid any conflicts in the future.


    Employment contracts are usually signed by the employees on their joining date. Prior to assigning them to their desk, you can complete all the HR formalities. 


    Any organization these days does not hire an employee if he/she refuses to sign an employment contract. While it is not mandated by law, it is a mandatory formality of any hiring organization. 


    Yes, an employment contract forms a legally binding agreement and is therefore enforceable in a court of law. If there is any breach, one can approach the relevant court/forum for the resolution of disputes.


    There is no need to notarize an employment contract. However, you can have your employment contract printed on a stamp paper of the relevant amount. Stamp duty payable will depend on the state you reside in. 


    Contracts become a legally binding documents once signed. It is therefore important to involve a lawyer to draft or review the terms of the employment contract. A Lawyer will ensure that the employment contract is fair and legally enforceable. 

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    All we need from you is the name of your organization and detailed commercials you want to incorporate into your contract with employees. We can also create a custom employment contract that you can use with all employees of your organization from time to time by simply changing a few commercials.

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    Drafting an employment contract can be an easy process with LegalWiz.in as our experienced lawyers guarantee the greatest level of client satisfaction and prompt service. The entire procedure is administered and conducted online, with constant expert support and communication. Our customers range from all geographic locations in India.


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