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Why to change the Partnership Deed?

Addition or removal of Partners in the Partnership Firm requires amendment of deed
Change of business activities for expansion & expertise in field of operations
Addition or modification of terms of Partnership requires change in Partnership Deed

Change in the profit sharing ratio can be effected
Infusion of additional capital can be caused by the change of Partnership Deed
Addition or change in the business place shall require the change in the Partnership Deed

Change of rights and liabilities of the Partners of Firm will require to change the Partnership Deed
Change the name of the firm will also require the amendment in the same
Change of remuneration, interest or return to the partners will be affected after the change in Partnership Deed

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure to change Partnership Deed in India?

Where the changes are required to be made in the Partnership Deed, the Partners of the firm shall enter into a Supplement Deed, which shall be signed by all the Partners and requisite stamp duty shall be paid on the same.


What changes can be affected by the change of Partnership Deed in India?

Any changes in the existing terms of the Partnership Deed can be changed by the Supplement to Partnership Deed. The changes includes, change in object & business, Change in capital, Change in place of Business, Change in details, rights or liabilities of the Partners, etc.

Whether the payment of Stamp Duty is required to be made for change of Partnership Deed?

When the additional capital is introduced while change of Partnership Deed, the rate of Stamp Duty varies based on State where the Business Place of Partnership Firm is situated. However, when there is no additional capital introduced, the Supplementary Agreement shall be executed by payment of Rs 100/- as stamp duty, which is included in the package cost stated above. The additional stamp duty shall be paid seperately.

Do I need to change Partnership Agreement for addition or removal of Partner in my Partnership Firm?

Yes, the change in the Partnership Deed is required for addition of Partner in the firm as well as removal or resignation of any Partner from the firm.


How can I add new Partner in the Partnership Firm in India?

For addition of new Partner in the partnership firm, the change of Partnership Deed is required. In the supplement deed of the Partnership Agreement, change of any terms, additional capital introduced, new profit sharing ratio and any other changes in the terms of original deed.

How can I resign from the Partnership Firm?

For the purpose of resignation from the Partnership Firm, the notice of the said intention is to be given to the firm. Notice period shall be as provided in the Partnership Deed. After the completion of Notice period, the partners including resigning partner shall enter into Supplement Agreement in order to give effect to the said resignation.

Do I need to register the Supplement Deed with the registrar?

Yes, where the Partnership Firm and the Agreement is already registered with the Registrar of Firm (RoF), the supplement deed shall also be registered in order to update the date with RoF. However, does not include the cost of registration under the package cost provided.

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