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What is Patent Search and what importance does it hold?

Online Patent search in India not only assists an individual in determining the scope of patent protection to be sought but also helps to identify the approach to be adopted while drafting the claims. The process of patent search involves searching vast databases for relevant prior art references based on the identified novel elements of the invention and analyzing each of these references against the novel elements. The analysis includes citing relevant portions of text from the references, and comparative analysis of how the novel elements map on to the references. This is a very integral part of the patent filing.
The Patent search services are well equipped to ascertain the probability of a patent grant for an invention. Further, it helps in understanding the scope of protection that might be derived if a patent is granted to the invention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional patent search is not mandatory but is always better to get it done before filing application for patent registration. It saves a lot of time, money and labour. Patent registration process involves a lot of time and money both, therefore, it is better to be aware of the invention’s patentability and scope.

No, disclosing any information about your invention is risky, as patent cannot be registered once it becomes public. On the other hand prior art search is also very important and it is always preferable to consult a professional regarding it. Therefore, because of the  crucial  nature it’s better to consult a trustworthy company or a person and ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement before providing any information regarding your patent to them. can be your trustworthy partner for registering patent. For us, confidentiality is matter of our own business integrity.

If the idea of the invention is already patented, one can work more around the patent (invention/ product) and try to add new inventive steps that are not already registered as a patent. Thus, Patent Search helps to modify the patent idea and make it patentable.

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Patent Search

Check if your patent is registrable through Patent Search
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