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A company’s name can be changed at any time after its incorporation. It being an entity regulated by law, it has to follow a specific process provided by the Companies Act, 2013. The process includes conducting board meeting and member’s meeting for their respective consent, which will be followed by name reservation and approval from Central Government for said change. Fresh Certificate of Incorporation will be issued by RoC in new name after updating the Register of Companies. The company name change does not impact the existence of the company, which leaves all the assets and liabilities unaffected.

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Frequently Asked Questions


To effect the change in name, the company has to obtain following consent or approval:
1. Consent from Board
2. Consent from the members of the company
3. Approval from concerned RoC
4. Approval from Central Government


There is no restriction provided for the name change of a private limited company, which may be the case for a Public company. The names chosen for application must be in conformity with the rules prescribed.


Ministry has introduced a web form “RUN” (Reserve Unique Name) for reservation of new name of existing companies. The company can apply with 2 different names with its significance. The names should be unique and in accordance with the provisions.


The application for name change must be made within 30 days of obtaining the consent of members in General Meeting (held after reservation of name). Intimation of resolution is made in form MGT – 14 whereas the application for the name change is made in form INC – 24.


Yes, MoA and AoA, both must be altered with the new name. The copy of the proposed alteration is filed in INC – 24.


If the name change is made due to change in the main object, both the procedures can be carried on simultaneously. As the approval of the Government is involved, the period can vary based on the response and time taken by RoC.


It will be effective only after issuance of a fresh Certificate of Incorporation. The concerned officer on his satisfaction of application made will issue a fresh CoI with a new name.


Company’s new name can be updated in PAN or any other registration after fresh Certificate of Incorporation is issued. Application to change PAN is included in the package.


After the change of name, the company has to update its name with all the ministries it is registered with. All the stationaries i.e. Business cards, letterheads, display board, etc. must be updated with a new name. An important change is ratification of contracts entered in the previous name. The parties to contract must ratify said contracts after adopting a new name.


Yes. For a period of two years from change, wherever the company’s name is displayed, the previous name must also be displayed.

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