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Simplify the interstate/intrastate transport by adopting e-Way bill system

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What is e-Way Bill under GST?

E-Way Bill is an electronic document, generated online on portal deployed by the Central Government to support the movement of goods. Merely like way bill in erstwhile VAT and CST system, e-way bill system ensures that the bill is submitted for transportation of goods. However, under the GST regime, the way bill system is made electronic and centralised. The online centralised system makes the transportation easy for the businesses.
E-Way bill under GST is filed for transportation of goods from one state to another, i.e. inter-state movement of goods and also the intra-state movement. With its first implementation since April, 2018, the system for e-way bill generation and filing is now implemented nationwide.

Benefits of e-Way Bill

Documents required for generating e-Way Bill

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Process of Generating e-Way Bill

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Frequently Asked Questions


Filing and generation of e-Way Bill is mandatory for both inter-state/ intra-state movement of goods when the value of single consignment exceeds INR 50,000. Provisions for the same are made applicable since April 1, 2018. Applicability of system for transport within State is also notified by the respective State Governments.


The amount of consignment to be transported will include a basic value of goods including the GST and cess paid on same. Generating e-Way Bill will be a must for the rejected and returned transportation of goods, goods sent for repairs and maintenance, and materials sent on job work with delivery challan.


For a generation of the e-Way bill, the requirement includes the sale bill and details regarding the supplier, recipient and transporter of goods along with details of a vehicle through which the consignment was transported. However, in case of non-availability, the vehicle number can be changed after the generation of e-Way Bill.


The supplier of the goods is required to generate e-Way Bill for the transported goods as prescribed.


E-Way Bill is generated through the online portal of the GST Network assigned for the same. The process includes filing PART – A and PART – B of the form through an online portal or through SMS. On registration of Bill, e-Way Bill Number (EBN) is generated.


Once all the required documents are provided, team LegalWiz.in can generate the e-Way Bill on behalf of supplier within 30 minutes.


Yes, a consolidate e-Way Bill in the prescribed form can be generated for multiple consignments for a single consignment vehicle by the transporter. However, the package prescribed here does not cover the generation of the consolidated e-way bill.


Generating e-Way Bill will be compulsory for every mode of transportation that includes airways, waterways, and roadways. Mode of public conveyance is also included under the same.


Yes, the recipient of goods must convey the acceptance or rejection of the goods under transit by online of e-Way Bill generation during the validity of e-Way Bill or within the 72 hours, whichever is earlier.


The e-Way Bill validity period depends on the distance to be covered by the vehicle in transit for delivery of goods. For distance up to 20km(for over dimensional cargo) and 100 km (other than over dimensional cargo) for Bill will be valid for 1 day. The validity period of 1 day will be added for additional distance.


Yes, the transporter must carry the e-Way Bill generated with consignment during the transportation as it includes the details of the goods being transported.

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Generate e-Way Bill

Simplify the interstate/intrastate transport by adopting e-Way bill system
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