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Increase Authorised Share Capital

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Know about an increase in Authorised Share Capital

The share capital is part of company’s capital which is raised through issue of shares. A company may raise capital only to the extent of the authorized capital mentioned in the company. To increase the capital raising capacity, the authorized capital can also be increased any time after incorporation by payment of additional fee and stamp duty.

A company can issues shares only to the extent of authorized capital. Hence, it determines the number of shares a company can issue which is mentioned in the Capital Clause of MoA. In order to increase capital raising capacity, it has to increase the authorized capital first. To alter authorized capital clause, the company need to conduct a meeting of Board and Member that is followed by application to MCA.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The increase in capital shall receive following consent or approval:
1. Consent from the Board;
2. Consent from the members of the company; and
3. Approval from concerned RoC.


The form must be filed within 30 days after obtaining consent from shareholders for the share capital increase. The resolution passed is notified in MGT-14 and notice of increase is filed in SH-7 with altered MoA and AoA.


Yes, the total authorized and paid-up capital is displayed on the Master Data of the company on the MCA portal.


The Government fee for any e-form filed with MCA depends on the authorized capital of the company. With the increase in Authorised capital, the Government fee for online filing also increases, however to a nominal extent.


Yes, the package cost also includes the increase in paid-up capital of the company, but not the transfer of shares.

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