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When streaming on the internet, with each click on a new site, information is collected. In this digital era, the collection of personal information cannot be completely barred. So, Privacy Policies for websites become a legal tool of protection for using personal information.

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    In the simplest terms, a privacy policy is a legal document. This legal document is mandatory for everyone providing services/information through the Internet. This includes – software applications, mobile applications, e-commerce websites, social media, blogging websites and even Q and A platforms.

    Privacy policy for websites provides a guideline to users about the extent to which their data is collected and used/intended to be used by the developer/owner. Unlike the terms and conditions, it is not a legally binding agreement. It is important for all online stores and websites to have a rigid privacy policy which collects, gather and share the consumer data or information.



    An online privacy policy must include the following details:

    • Basic information of the business;

    • Details of Information collected from users;
    • The purpose of collecting information;
    • Storage of Information collected;
    • Security Measures to protect the information and
    • Mention third – parties that shall have access to the information – if any.



    Frequently Asked Questions


    Yes, all e-commerce platforms must have a set of privacy policies to ensure the data protection of all users. 


    If you collect information of any of the EU member state citizens, you need to comply with GDPR, regardless of your place of business. The reason behind this is that it gives the EU citizens a chance to protect their data and have governance over websites from all over the globe. 


    120+ countries have made it mandatory for e-commerce service providers to comply with certain norms based on their Data privacy laws. So, if you want to avoid hefty penalties and conduct a smooth business online, you need to have a privacy policy for your e-commerce platform.

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