Professional Tax Registration

Get registered under professional tax in 3 easy steps

Professional Tax Registration

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What is Professional Tax Registration?

Professional Tax is a tax collected by State Governments from the professionally occupied business entities. A person earning income from salary or professions such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, etc. is required to pay professional tax. For the purpose of this registration, the employers, professionals, traders, etc. come under the purview of registration.

This tax is deducted from the salary of the employer, which is later eligible for deduction from the computation of taxable income. The registration is obtained by the employers and business owners with the respect Municipal Corporation. Being it State based registration, the rate of tax and method of registration is different. Further, there are two types of registrations being – PTEC and PTRC registrations.

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Parameters Importer Exporter Code GST Registration Professional Tax Registration Shop & Establishments Registration MSME Registration
Applicable To All importers and exporters Businesses exceeding prescribed threshold for turnover Applicability defers based on State Act Applicability defers based on State Act All Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
Registration Criteria Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Voluntary
Any business entity undertaking import/export for business purpose from India If turnover exceeds ₹ 20 Lakh or entity fall under specified category, registration is mandatory A person earning income from salary or by practicing any profession has to pay the professional tax All entities need to get registered under shop and establishments at the time of setting up their business It is not mandatory to register under MSME. Any business entity if wishes can get registered under MSME
Regulatory body Central Government State and Central Government State Government Municipal Corporation Central Government
The code is granted by Directorate General of foreign Trade, Central Government The tax is segregated into two parts CGST (central) and SGST (state) The tax is based on income slab-rates decided by state Government Governed by Municipal Corporation under whose jurisdiction the business place is situated MSMEs comes under centrally based Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
Return Filings No Yes Yes No No
No return are prescribed to file after registration Annually, monthly or quarterly based on GSTR type Monthly or yearly based on professional tax liability No returns are to be filed after this registration No returns are to be filed after this registration
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Frequently Asked Questions


The responsibility to obtain a registration lies with the owner of the business or profession. The business owner/employer is required to deduct the professional tax based on the professional tax slab from the salaries of employees and pay the same to Government before the 15th day of each month or quarter as applicable.


Also known as the Professional Tax Enrolment Certificate (PTEC), this registration is obtained for the payment of taxes by the employers.


The employers are required to obtain the registration when employees are appointed. This makes the employees eligible to deduct the professional tax from his employee’s salaries. Registration should be obtained within the 30 days of employing staff.


The State Governments of the following states have levied professional tax:
Punjab, Bihar, Karnataka, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Assam, Sikkim, Kerala, Meghalaya, Orissa, Tripura and Madhya Pradesh.


The maximum amount payable per annum towards the professional tax is ₹  2,500. The professional tax is usually a slab-amount based on the gross income of the professional. It is deducted from the employee’s income every month.


Yes, if you have more than one place of work, you have to make a separate application for professional tax registration to the concerned authority.


For delays in obtaining Registration Certificate, a penalty of ₹ 5/- per day is levied. In case of non/late payment of profession tax, the penalty will amount to 10% of the amount of tax. In case of late filing of returns, a penalty of ₹ 300 per return will be imposed.


The due date for the payment of Profession Tax is 30th June for the employees enrolled before 31st May of the year. The people enrolled after 31st May of a year are requested to pay Profession Tax within one month from the date of enrolment. Employers are requested to file monthly return along with due payment of tax.


In cities like Ahmedabad, both the registration must be obtained simultaneously. In a few places, Shop & establishment registration is a requirement for this application. Hence, it depends on the law of where the jurisdiction of the premise is situated.

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Professional Tax Registration

Get registered under professional tax in 3 easy steps
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