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Employee State Insurance Registration is applicable to all the companies with having more than 10 employees drawing a maximum monthly salary of Rs. 21000/-. ESI Registration is to be done with Employee State Insurance Corporation who manages and offer various medical and monetary benefits to these employees. It is a 17- digit unique identification number allotted to each factory/establishment/ registered under this Act.

What is ESI Registration

Employee’s State Insurance (ESI) Scheme runs under an independent authority- Employee State Insurance Corporation which falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour & Employment. This scheme is designed to provide the socio-economic protection to employees working in a company. Medical benefits, sickness benefit, maternity benefit and various other benefits to the employees and their family are covered under this scheme. The scheme also extends the financial assistance and medical care to the employees along with their family member insured under ESI Act. The employer and employee need to make contribution to the ESIC and hence, it can be called as self- financing scheme. The employer needs to register under ESI Scheme which can be taken online at www.esic.nic.in (Government portal) once the employer falls under the obligation of taking this registration.

Check whether your entity is covered under ESIC:
(having more than 10 employees)

  • Non-Seasonal factories employing more than 10 employees
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cinemas including preview theatres
  • Road-motor transport undertakings
  • Newspaper establishments
  • Establishments engaged in Insurance Business
  • Non-Banking Financial Companies
  • Port Trust
  • Airport Authorities
  • Warehousing establishments
  • Private Medical Institutions, Educational institutions and
  • On contract and casual employees of Municipal Corporation/Municipal Bodies employing 10* or more persons in certain States/UTs.
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Documents required for ESI Registration

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Frequently Asked Questions

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This scheme is specially designed by the government to provide full medical and financial assistance to the employee who is registered under the ESI Act. This scheme helps the employee to get compensation of the loss of his/her wage during his/her absence from work due to sickness, health issue, maternity, or employment inquiry. The benefits listed in the scheme extends to insured person’s family members also.


The scheme is primarily designed out of contribution made by employer & employee every month at a fixed percentage of the salary paid. Under this scheme, State Government also contributes 1/8th Share of the total cost of the Medical Assistance.


No, the scheme will remain enforced till he continues to be part of the same organization irrespective of the fact that he/ she is earning more salary than 21000/- per month.


To verify the details of the employee, the ESI Scheme issues a Unique Identification number to each employee or worker which is called as Insurance number and the same can be used for all operational purposes.


The universal rule to be qualified for ESI (Employees’ State Insurance) registration is to have 10 or more employees/workers. However, in few states and regions, ESI is applicable only if there are more than 20 employees.


Once the company/entity falls under the eligibility criteria, the registration needs to be taken within 15 days from the date it become eligible. This is the statutory responsibility of the shop/establishment or an entity.


There are few documents which an entity registered under ESIC Scheme needs to maintain regularly for filing ESI returns. They are as under:
1. Attendance register
2. Form 6
3. Register of wages
4. Register of any accidents on the premises
5. Inspection book
6. Monthly challans and returns submitted for ESI


a) Employer’s contribution: A sum equal to 4.75% of the wages payable to an employee, rounded off to the next higher rupee
b) Employee’s contribution: A sum equal to 1.75% of the wages payable to an employee, rounded to the next higher rupee;

In compliance with the Notification published in the Gazette of India dated 6.10.2016, the rates of employer’s and employee contribution for the initial twenty-four months from the date of implementation of the Act are subject to the following:-

(a) Employer’s contribution – A sum (rounded to the next higher rupee) equal to 3% of the wages payable to an employee; and
(b) Employee’s contribution – A sum (rounded to the next higher rupee) equal to 1% of the wages payable to an employee.


Every entity covered under this scheme needs to comply with mandatory filing such as regular deposit of monthly contribution to file half-yearly returns and report to ESIC authority for any changes or amendment made in business activity, address, ownership and management, etc.


No, the benefits under this scheme is non-transferable.


In respect of an employee the contribution shall be paid in a properly registered bank of the Company, within 21 days of the last day of the calendar month in which the contribution is due for any period of wage (Reg. 29 & 31).

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