MSME/SSI Registration

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MSME/SSI Registration

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What is Micro, small & medium enterprises?

Previously known SSI registered entities are now known and registered as MSME, i.e.; Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. MSME stands for Micro, Small and Medium enterprises, categorized based on the annual revenue in business. These entities possess MSME registration certificate, registered with MSME Department of the Central Government under MSME Development Act, 2006. The Act was enacted for the promotion and growth of the businesses operating at small or medium scale.

Where all major activities were eligible for registration under MSME earlier, trading and other few activities are now specifically excluded from eligibility. Although the registration is voluntary, businesses prefer to obtain MSME registration online due to numerous benefits declared by the government.

Benefits of SSI/MSME Registration

Documents required for MSME Registration

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Who can apply for MSME registration?

Manufacturing and Service entities falling under given classification can obtain the registration

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Process for MSME Registration online

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Parameters GST Registration Importer Exporter Code Professional Tax Registration Shop & Establishments Registration MSME Registration
Applicable To Businesses exceeding a prescribed threshold for turnover All importers and exporters Applicability defers based on State Act Applicability defers based on State Act All Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
Registration Criteria Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Voluntary
If turnover exceeds â‚ą 20 Lakh or entity fall under specified category, registration is mandatory Any business entity undertaking import/export for business purpose from India A person earning income from salary or by practicing any profession has to pay the professional tax All entities need to get registered under shop and establishments at the time of setting up their business It is not mandatory to register under MSME. Any business entity if wishes, can get registered under MSME
Regulatory body State and Central Government Central Government State Government Municipal Corporation Central Government
The tax is segregated into two parts – CGST (central) and SGST (state) The code is granted by Directorate General of foreign Trade, Central Government The tax is based on income slab-rates decided by state Government Governed by Municipal Corporation under whose jurisdiction the business place is situated MSMEs comes under centrally based Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
Return Filings Yes No Yes No No
Annually, monthly or quarterly based on GSTR type No return are prescribed to file after registration Monthly or yearly -based on professional tax liability No returns are to be filed after this registration No returns are to be filed after this registration
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Frequently Asked Questions


Manufacturing and service industry can obtain MSME online registration subject to provided classification. Further, the enterprise can only be registered if the concerned activities are included under the classification provided for the registration purpose.


With notification issued dated 27.06.2017, the ministry has excluded activities of wholesale or retail trading; Fishing and aquaculture; Forestry and logging; and more. Business entities engaged solely into activities falling under such categories cannot make an application for registration.


No, this is a voluntary registration and not compulsory. The entities obtain registration due to benefits and subsidies that are granted by the government in this regards.


Yes, Aadhar card of the applicant is mandatory for udhyog aadhar registration. In case, the applicant is other than a proprietor, Aadhar card of company’s director or LLP’s partner is required.


Yes, the certificate is provided in a soft copy by the Government on the registered email id of the applicant or entity. The certificate is available on Udyog Aadhar portal and can be downloaded with help of applicant’s Aadhar number.

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MSME/SSI Registration

Get your business recognised as MSME
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