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Business Package

All expenses and Government fee
2 Director Identification Numbers (DIN)
2 Digital Signatures (DSC)
1 Name Approval Application
Certificate of Incorporation
PAN Number
TAN Number
MOA and AOA Drafting
Company Identification Number
DSC and DIN for additional directors at extra cost
Additional Stamp Duty for MP, Kerala and Punjab

Executive Package

Includes all from Business Package, plus
1 Additional Name Approval application
10 copies of MOA & AOA
Printed Share Certificates
Business Folder & Company Stamp
3 Months Legal Documents Library Subscription
10% Discount on service charges on next order
DSC and DIN for additional directors at extra cost

Premium Package

Includes all from Business Package, plus
2 Additional Name Approval applications
25 Copies of MOA & AOA
Printed Share Certificates
Premium Corporate Kit & Company Stamp
6 Months Legal Documents Library Subscription
15% Discount on service charges on next order
100 Letterheads and envelopes
100 Visiting Cards per director
1 Year Free TDS Returns
DSC and DIN for additional directors at extra cost

Main Advantages of Registering a Private Limited Company

Be a Part of PM Modi's vision for Startup India and claim subsidies, register Patents & get on list of Venture Capitals / Private Equity for Funding

Possibility to add Directors & Advisors on your Board of Directors as an Independent Person without giving them share in your company

Limited Liability of each Shareholder (Owner) to the extent of capital, thus your personal assets remain protected

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Director Identification Number (DIN)?
Director Identification Number is a unique identification number assigned to all existing and proposed Directors of a Company. It is mandatory for all present or proposed Directors to have a Director Identification Number. Director Identification Number never expires and a person can have only one Director Identification Number. 
What is a Digital Signature Certificate?
A Digital Signature establishes the identity of the sender or signee electronically while filing documents through the Internet. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) mandates that the Directors sign some of the application documents using their Digital Signature. Hence, a Digital Signature is required for all Directors of a proposed Company. 
How much capital is required to start a Private Limited Company?
You can start a Private Limited Company with any amount of capital. However, fee must be paid to the Government for issuing a minimum of shares worth Rs.1 lakh [Authorized Capital Fee] during the registration of the Company. There is no requirement to show proof of capital invested during the registration process. 
What is authorized capital fee?
Authorized capital of a Company is the amount of shares a company can issue to it shareholders. Companies have to pay the Government an authorized capital fee to issue shares in a Company. Companies have to pay authorized capital fee for a minimum of Rs.1 lakh. 
What is the number of people required to incorporate a Private Limited Company?
To incorporate a Private Limited Company, minimum of two people are required. A Private Limited Company must have a minimum of two Directors and can have up to a maximum of fifteen Directors. A minimum of two shareholders and a maximum of up to 200 shareholders are allowed in a Private Limited Company. 
What are the requirements to be a Director?
There are no limitations in terms of citizenship or residency to be a director. But the person should be 18 or above 18  years of age. 
Can NRIs / Foreign Nationals be a Director in a Private Limited Company?
Yes, a NRI or Foreign National can be a Director in a Private Limited Company after obtaining Director Identification Number. However, at least one Director on the Board of Directors must be a Resident India. 
What documents are required for registration?
Identity proof and address proof is mandatory for all the proposed Directors of the Company. PAN Card is mandatory for Indian Nationals. In addition, the landlord of the registered office premises must provide a No Objection Certificate for having the registered office in his/her premises and must submit his/her identity proof and address proof. 
Is an office required to start a Private Limited Company?
An address in India where the registered office of the Company will be situated is required. The premises can be a commercial / industrial / residential where communication from the MCA will be received. 
What can be done to quickly incorporate my Company?

To incorporate a Company quickly, make sure the proposed name of the Private Limited Company is very unique. Names that are similar to an existing private limited company / limited liability partnership / trademark can be rejected and additional time will be required for resubmission of names.

How long is the registration of the Company valid for?
Once a Company is incorporated, it will be active and in-existence as long as the annual compliances are met with regularly. In case, annual compliances are not complied with, the Company will become a Dormant Company and maybe struck off from the register after a period of time. A struck-off Company can be revived for a period of up to 20 years. 
What are the statutory compliances required for a Private Limited Company?
A private limited company must hold a Board Meeting at least once in every 3 months. In addition to the Board Meetings, an Annual General Meeting must be conducted by the Private Limited Company, at least once every year. 
Can NRIs / Foreigners hold shares of a Private Limited Company?
Yes, NRIs / Foreign Nationals / Foreign Companies can hold shares of a Private Limited Company subject to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Guidelines. 
What are FDI Guidelines for Foreigners in a Private Limited Company?
100% Foreign Direct Investment is allowed in India in many of the industries under the Automatic Route. Under the Automatic Route, only a post-investment filing is necessary with the RBI indicating the nature of investment made. There are a few industries that require prior approval from the RBI, in such cases, approval must first be obtained from RBI prior to investment.
What comes as a part of the Legal Documents Library ?
Legal documents like Employment Letter, Legal Notice, Non Disclosure Agreement, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and many more are a part of the Legal Documents Library.

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